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How Dormani Group Paired Dog Influencers With Charity to Elevate The Reputation of Their Dealership Group


Dormani Group is a dealership group, which operates nine dealerships in the Outaouais region. They came to us intending to refresh the bad reputation typically associated with dealerships.



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“inBeat provided us with a powerful distribution strategy and out-of-the-box content, which helped us stand out as a dealership group.”

Andrew McLean, Operations Manager


Winning Consumer Trust

Within this period, Nader Dormani created what is now one of the most prominent real estate groups in the Outaouais region. He currently operates a multi eight-figure empire controlling dealership and real estate assets across the Canada Capital region.
The team at Dormani reached a point where their reputation was being impacted by the cliché associated with dealerships. Their biggest issue was a loss of consumer trust.

They came to us seeking a strategy to boost their local goodwill.




Influencer-Generated Content With a Creative Direction.


We wanted to create relatable content, which we would distribute through a donation mechanism. We transformed our media buy budget into a donation to the SPCA, a society that helps animals in need.

Influencer Casting

We had a fun casting call for this project. We were looking for dogs that had made it through an animal shelter.  We built a dream cast from which we created a full-fledged video production and Influencer-Generated Content, which we could repurpose across our media.


We distributed our content using the SPCA as our content catalyst, and we hit a home run. To this day, we have the most viewed dealership placement across the Canadian Capital Region.

Some Creations

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