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inBeat offers a turnkey nano-influencer marketing strategy that will help your business get more engagement and sales.  

North-America’s Top Nano-Influencer Agency

inBeat has worked with 25,000+ nano-influencers. Our experience  with brands such as New Balance, Nordstrom and #gotmilk makes us one of  the top nano-influencer agencies in North America.

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Get more followers through nano-influencer marketing

Want to improve your follower count? Nano-influencers have a higher  engagement rate. They are one of the best ways to increase your follower  count.

Amplify your brand through genuine content on TikTok, Instagram or  Snapchat. These nano-influencers will help you get a stronger social  presence while driving engagement.

See how BlueHouse Salmon increased its  following count by +500% thanks to the 200+ unique assets created with nano-influencer marketing.

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Launch an Instagram Campaign Featuring:

Leverage a nano-influencer campaign to generate review content that you can repurpose.  Customers are looking for genuine reviews when buying a new product.  Get more trust towards your products and more sales while generating  authentic content:

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Scale Your Brand’s Instagram Influencer Program

Identify, vet and collaborate with Instagram micro-influencers
Brainstorm and deploy authentic product placements
Leverage our relationships with 13,000+ micro-influencers on Instagram

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