Product Sampling Agency

An influencer-centred product sampling campaign
Get your products in the hands of influencers, followed by all your actual customers and potential customers. All the most prominent brands are already doing it. It’s time to jump on the train.

Get valuable feedback from thought leaders.

Product sampling using influencers on social media is a creative  way of getting customer reviews and insights. Influencers know their  market and create genuine reviews of products they like, and learn how  to appreciate. Get actionable insight reports for your brand.

Increase awareness
for your target audience

With inBeat’s product sampling solutions, get hundreds of thousands of  impressions with a simple product-based collaboration. This play is the  best way to create a cost-effective awareness strategy on social media.

Social proof your products with experts in your niche

Social proofing is one of the most underappreciated yet most important  marketing channels. Get loyal customers and experts in your niche to  review your products and give you a five-star rating. Potential  customers are browsing online reviews when shopping, and they want to  read reviews from real people.

Better ROI and
conversion rates

Seeing online opinion leaders using your products has an impact on  sales. Get started now! Thanks to product sampling, meet your business  goals through a better conversion rate.

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