Performance-Driven Micro Influencer Agency

We connect your business with top micro-influencers from around the world to lower CAC, boost CTR, and drive tangible results.

Build Authentic Connections

Consumers now value authenticity in advertising. Micro-influencers provide real, relatable content that connects with your audience, enhancing trust and engagement with your brand.

Launch a Micro-Influencer Campaign Featuring:

Authentic content by top micro-influencers with the right audience.
Educational posts highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition.
Performance-driven campaigns that speak the same language as your audience.
Diverse content types including lifestyle shots, unboxing videos, testimonials, and product demos.

Work with the top 2% of micro-influencers who are proven to deliver

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"Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth."

J.P Rousseau

CEO, PhoneLoops

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Our Micro-Influencer Marketing Solutions

Micro-influencer strategy

We help you set the baseline for a successful and measurable micro-influencer campaign.

Performance UGC

We create a content foundation for all of your marketing channels through high-quality UGC production & competitor research.

Paid media amplification

We amplify our top-performing micro-influencers through whitelisting to ensure that we maximize the results.

Vertical scaling

We grow into multiple channels to allow efficient scaling.

Our process

Creative brief

We define your campaign's core message and goals

Micro-influencer vetting

We cast top micro-influencers in your niche or location with a performance track record.

Content creation

We send products to micro-influencers to create and share branded content.

Performance tracking

We monitor and analyze campaign results to ensure measurable success.

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