Deux Par Deux

Using Influencer Marketing to Create Content for Their Collection Release, While Driving a 30% Follower Growth on Instagram


Deux par Deux is a kids clothing retailer, which retails in over 500 unique points of sales across North America and Russia. They also operate a direct-to-consumer branch, which now accounts for 20% of their business.



unique content assets

10 000+

Follower Growth


Unique Clients

“inBeat provided us with a lean and efficient way to create content for our new collection releases.”

Rony Amar, CMO


Creating Content to Scale Their Advertising and Enhance Their Online Shopping Experience

Deux par Deux came to us seeking a strategy to create high-quality Influencer-Generated Content quickly to power their collection launches. They reached a point where their releases were putting a strain on their marketing resources.

They also wanted to use the opportunity to grow their following and drive sales to put off the content creation costs.




Creative Brief

Deux par Deux wanted relatable content of their product in everyday parent and kid situations.

Influencer Casting

Deux par Deux needed mothers with kids from different age groups and locations to promote all of their collections (cold and warm weather, with ages from 3 to 12 years old).


Deux par Deux wanted to repurpose the content created to test different ads throughout their paid acquisition channels.

Group Contest

Deux par Deux wanted to grow their following, which we did by organizing a simultaneous contest through all of our influencers.

Some Creations

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