Case Studies  

How Phone Loops Became a Gen-Z Phenomenon

Phone Loops shines as a lifestyle brand. Customers use their product to make a statement about themselves. Phone Loops wanted a way to benefit from Instagram’s army of relatable creators.

#GotMilk TikTok Challenge, with American Dairy.

American Dairy came to us with a need to create relatable content on TikTok to promote the #Gotmilk challenge to build awareness amongst a Gen-Z demographic.

How Deux Par Deux Created Influencer Content for Their Collection Releases

Deux par Deux is a kids clothing retailer, which retails in over 500 unique point of sales across North America, and Russia. They also operate a direct-to-consumer branch, which now accounts for 20% of their business.

How Dormani Group Paired Dog Influencers

Dormani Group is a dealership group, which operates 9 dealerships in the Outaouais region. They came to us with the goal of refreshing the bad reputation typically associated with dealerships.