Top 14 Mobile App Marketing Agencies (Reviewed in July 2024)

Tamara Jovanovic
July 2, 2024
June 5, 2024

Are you looking to take your mobile app to the next level and maximize its reach and impact?

Partnering with a top-notch mobile app marketing agency can be the game-changer you need.

These agencies specialize in crafting effective strategies, leveraging consumer psychology, and utilizing the latest marketing techniques to help your app stand out from the competition.

In this article, we present a carefully curated list of the top mobile app marketing agencies that excel in delivering exceptional results along.

Let’s dive in and explore their key services, notable clients, and industries they cater to.

Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies: Comparison Table

To help you make an informed decision, let’s start with a quick overview of the featured agencies:

Agency Name Mobile App Marketing Services Industries Notable Clients
InBeat Paid advertising, UGC creation, Micro-influencer marketing, TikTok and Instagram marketing Mobile applications, CPG and DTC brands, gaming, eCommerce Hopper, Bumble, Unroll.Me
NinjaPromo Mobile app design services, Mobile app marketing services, Mobile app development services, Social media marketing, Paid media, Paid social, SEO,PR Mobile, Crypto, Fintech, SaaS, eCommerce Burger King, Nestle,, IronFX
Moburst Mobile strategy, Product strategy, App store optimization, Localizations, Concept & design, Video production, Social media management, Influencer marketing Mobile applications Uber, Reddit, Calm
SEM Nexus App development, App marketing, Influencer marketing, Website marketing Mobile applications WinQuik, Tito, Truck’N
Phiture App store optimization, Performance marketing, Subscription optimization, Growth consulting Mobile applications SoloLearn, Once Upon, Hallow
Yodel Mobile App growth program, App store optimization, App launch strategy, Paid user acquisition Mobile apps, travel, broadcasting, food Bauer Media Group, UKTV, Teletext Holidays
PreApps App store optimization, User acquisition, Video production, App growth consulting, Influencer marketing Mobile applications, mobile games Chat App for Linkedin, Mr Jump, Chatkast
Studio Mosaic Marketing strategy, App audit & analytics, Monetization strategy, App store optimization, User acquisition Mobile applications Hello Pal, Kalido, Woohoo
BrandBurp App marketing, Mobile app analytics, App reviews & rating, Paid ads marketing, App store optimization Mobile apps, healthcare, restaurants, education, tourism, eCommerce Careem, Grab, Freeletics, Splitwise
App Guardians Paid user acquisition, Creative services, App store optimization, Retention & CRM, Subscription revenue optimization Mobile applications Franki, ThinkUp, Twist
DCI App store optimization, Growth marketing, Mobile ad campaigns management, Pre-launch app promotion, Mobile app PR services, Market research Mobile apps, eCommerce, tech, healthcare, SaaS, travel Amazon, PenPower, Shopx, TrulyMadly
Adsbalance Paid advertising, Performance marketing, Reporting & analytics Mobile applications Lamoda, AliExpress, TikTok
ConsultMyApp App store optimization, Paid user acquisition, Creative design, BI & data analytics, Strategic services Mobile applications Chegg, Snoop, Tide
Mobio User acquisition, Development of creatives, App store optimization, Mobile application promotion strategy, Retargeting Mobile applications AliExpress, Jiffy, Herocraft

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these exceptional mobile app marketing agencies:

1. InBeat

inBeat Agency is a mobile app marketing agency specialized in micro-influencer marketing that caters to online brands, offering versatile and scalable services.

With a focus on mobile app marketing, inBeat Agency partners with top content creators, granting access to a comprehensive influencer database with high engagement rates.

Our expertise and commitment to personalized strategies make them a trusted choice in the industry.

inBeat Agency’s innovative approach and attention to client needs set us apart in the mobile app marketing space.

Industries: Mobile applications, CPG and DTC brands, retail, eCommerce, agencies.

Notable clients: Hopper, Bumble, Unroll.Me.

Key services:

  • Paid advertising (from A to Z)
  • Micro-influencer marketing
  • TikTok and Instagram marketing
  • User-generated content creation
  • Reporting and analytics

Reason to work with inBeat: inBeat’s focus on local micro-influencers and UGC has led to a remarkable 28% improvement in cross-channel performance across all clients, enhancing exposure, traffic, and conversions. Mobile app marketing services we provide are going to help you reach new heights with your apps.

2. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo is a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in professional solutions for mobile app marketing.

They harness its award-winning expertise to create custom, data-driven marketing strategies.

The company develops engaging content that captivates and retains audiences.

NinjaPromo drives companies toward rapid expansion and ensures they lead in their respective markets across diverse marketing channels.

Industries: Mobile, Crypto, Fintech, SaaS, eCommerce

Notable clients: Burger King, Nestle,, IronFX.

Key services:

  • Mobile app marketing services 
  • Mobile app design services
  • Mobile app development services
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid media
  • Paid social
  • SEO
  • PR

Reason to work with NinjaPromo: Partnering with NinjaPromo offers a strategic advantage in mobile app marketing through their customized, data-driven approach. 

3. Moburst


Moburst is a highly sought-after full-service digital agency renowned for its expertise in mobile app marketing.

Moburst’s mobile-first approach and commitment to delivering exceptional results set them apart in the industry.

With a team of dedicated professionals, Moburst combines creativity, data-driven strategies, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior to drive success for mobile apps.

They are passionate about helping companies achieve hypergrowth and dominate their respective categories on multiple marketing channels.

Industries: Mobile applications.

Notable clients: Uber, Reddit, Calm.

Key services:

  • Mobile strategy
  • Product strategy
  • App store optimization
  • Localizations
  • Concept & design
  • Video production
  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing

Reason to work with Moburst: Moburst offers a comprehensive range of services, from mobile strategy and app store optimization to video production and influencer marketing. By working with Moburst, you’ll have access to their expertise across various aspects of app marketing, ensuring a holistic and integrated approach to boost your app’s success.

4. SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus is an award-winning agency focused on building and marketing mobile apps.

They specialize in providing comprehensive services to help clients confidently launch their apps and reach their target customers.

With a strong emphasis on startups, SEM Nexus combines industry expertise with a deep understanding of the app ecosystem.

Through their strategic approach and expertise, SEM Nexus helps clients achieve their app marketing goals and effectively connect with their audience.

Industries: Mobile applications.

Notable clients: WinQuik, Tito, Truck’N.

Key services:

  • App development
  • App marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Website marketing

Reason to work with SEM Nexus: SEM Nexus specializes in working with startups, providing services such as app store optimization and VC preparation. Their deep understanding of the startup ecosystem make them an ideal choice for launching your app with confidence and getting it into the hands of your target customers.

5. Phiture


Phiture is a multi-award-winning mobile growth consultancy and agency known for its strategic approach to mobile app marketing.

They work closely with leading app teams to drive success and growth.

Phiture’s industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack serves as a framework for their services, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach.

Phiture helps clients optimize their app’s performance and achieve their marketing goals.

Industries: mobile applications.

Notable clients: SoloLearn, Once Upon, Hallow.

Key services:

  • App store optimization
  • Performance marketing
  • Subscription optimization
  • Growth consulting

Reason to work with Phiture: Phiture utilizes their industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack as a strategic framework. Their comprehensive approach, which includes app store optimization, performance marketing, social media marketing, and growth consulting, ensures a systematic and data-driven approach to maximize your app’s growth and revenue potential.

6. Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a mobile app marketing agency that offers expert consultancy and managed services to help clients achieve their app marketing goals.

They provide tailored solutions for launching new apps, re-launching existing ones, and driving app growth on local and global scales.

Yodel Mobile helps clients maximize their app’s visibility and user acquisition.

Their expertise in app launch strategies and paid user acquisition ensures effective promotion and targeted user engagement.

Industries: Mobile apps, travel, broadcasting, food.

Notable clients: Bauer Media Group, UKTV, Teletext Holidays.

Key services:

  • App growth program
  • App store optimization
  • App launch strategy
  • Paid user acquisition
  • Mobile creative services

Reason to work with Yodel Mobile: Yodel Mobile’s expert consultancy services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re launching a new app, re-launching an existing one, or looking to grow your app locally or globally, their personalized strategies, social media marketing and app store optimization expertise will help you achieve your specific goals effectively.

7. PreApps


PreApps is a renowned app marketing agency that specializes in helping app businesses successfully launch and market their apps to reach millions of downloads and sales.

With their PreApps signature programs, they have a proven track record of driving significant app success.

From first-time app creators to billion-dollar apps, PreApps leverages their expertise in celebrity campaigns, viral video production, and app growth consulting to provide comprehensive app marketing solutions.

Their dedication to app businesses and their extensive experience in achieving massive download numbers make PreApps a trusted choice in the mobile app marketing industry.

Industries: mobile applications, mobile games.

Notable clients: Chat App for Linkedin, Mr Jump, Chatkast.

Key services:

  • App store optimization
  • User acquisition
  • Video production
  • App growth consulting
  • Influencer marketing

Reason to work with PreApps: PreApps specializes in app launches and has a proven track record of helping apps reach millions of downloads. Their celebrity campaigns, content marketing, viral video production, and app growth consulting services are designed to generate buzz and visibility, positioning your app for success right from the start.

8. Studio Mosaic

Studio Mosaic

Studio Mosaic is an app marketing and consulting agency that focuses on launching and promoting iOS and Android apps.

They are committed to helping clients acquire more users and increase revenue through their expertise and strategic approach.

With their growth-oriented mindset and industry knowledge, Studio Mosaic stands out as a trusted agency in the mobile app marketing space.

Industries: mobile applications.

Notable clients: Hello Pal, Kalido, Woohoo.

Key services:

  • Marketing strategy
  • App audit & analytics
  • Monetization strategy
  • App store optimization
  • User acquisition

Reason to work with Studio Mosaic: Studio Mosaic’s app audit, digital marketing solutions, and analysis service set them apart. They thoroughly analyze your app’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable insights to enhance user acquisition and conversion rate optimization with the right app marketing strategies. Their data-driven approach ensures informed decision-making and maximized results.

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9. BrandBurp


Brandburp is a digital marketing and advertising hub that provides avant-garde app, brand, and web marketing solutions.

Brandburp has a track record of consistently delivering effective marketing solutions since 2015.

With a focus on boosting business revenue, they leverage their expertise and strategic approach to make a concrete impact on brand value.

Their dedication to providing cutting-edge services and their commitment to enhancing clients’ brand value make them a reliable choice in the mobile app marketing industry.

Industries: mobile apps, healthcare, restaurants, education, tourism, eCommerce.

Notable clients: Careem, Grab, Freeletics, Splitwise

Key services:

  • App marketing
  • Mobile app analytics
  • App reviews & rating
  • Paid ads marketing
  • App store optimization

Reason to work with Brandburp: Brandburp has a strong focus on delivering marketing solutions that have a tangible impact on your brand value. With a wide range of digital marketing services like app marketing, mobile app analytics, social media marketing and app store optimization, they prioritize boosting your app’s visibility, engagement, and revenue, ultimately enhancing your brand’s overall value.

10. App Guardians

App Guardians

App Guardians is a mobile app marketing agency that specializes in developing strategies for mobile growth and user acquisition.

With a full-stack approach to user acquisition campaigns, they ensure their clients’ user acquisition efforts are among the top results.

App Guardians’ unique solution and unbeatable edge make them a valuable partner in the mobile app marketing space.

Their commitment to utilizing data and creativity to optimize mobile growth sets them apart in the industry.

Industries: mobile applications.

Notable clients: Franki, ThinkUp, Twist.

Key services:

  • Paid user acquisition
  • Creative services
  • App store optimization
  • Retention & CRM
  • Subscription revenue optimization

Reason to work with App Guardians: App Guardians’ full-stack user acquisition campaigns set them apart. Backed by years of creative expertise and a data-first mindset, they develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing campaigns and user acquisition strategies. Their expertise in paid user acquisition, app store optimization, and retention/CRM ensures a holistic approach to driving growth for your app.

11. DCI


DCI is a top-notch app development company based in the USA, Australia, and India.

They have a team of app experts dedicated to providing in-depth market analysis and shaping ideas into successful apps.

DCI’s app experts are known for their ability to deliver avant-garde app marketing solutions that have a concrete impact on brand value.

With their focus on app store optimization, growth marketing, and pre-launch app promotion, DCI is well-equipped to support clients in achieving their app marketing goals.

Industries: mobile apps, eCommerce, tech, healthcare, SaaS, travel.

Notable clients: Amazon, PenPower, Shopx, TrulyMadly

Key services:

  • App store optimization
  • Growth marketing
  • Mobile ad campaigns management
  • Pre-launch app promotion
  • Mobile app PR services
  • Market research

Reason to work with DCI: DCI’s market research expertise is a standout feature. They go beyond app marketing and offer comprehensive market analysis and digital marketing services, helping you gain insights into market trends, user behavior, and competitor landscape. This valuable information enables you to make informed decisions and develop effective marketing strategies.

12. Adsbalance


Adsbalance is a strategic performance marketing partner for top app publishers and mobile brands.

Their data measurements, programmatic advertising technology, and extensive traffic sources position them as a reliable mobile performance marketing agency.

Adsbalance optimizes mobile campaigns to ensure conversion growth while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Adsbalance’s focus on safety and optimization, combined with their expertise in mobile performance marketing, makes them a trusted choice in the mobile app marketing industry.

Industries: mobile applications.

Notable clients: Lamoda, AliExpress, TikTok.

Key services:

  • Paid advertising
  • Performance marketing
  • Reporting & analytics

Reason to work with Adsbalance: Adsbalance’s expertise in programmatic advertising technology and mobile campaign strategy sets them apart. They leverage this technology, along with data measurements and over 70 traffic sources, to optimize mobile campaigns for conversion growth. Working with Adsbalance ensures cutting-edge and efficient advertising solutions.

13. ConsultMyApp


ConsultMyApp is an international marketing agency headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.

Their mobile-focused, data-driven approach enables brands to engage consumers through contextual mobile advertising.

ConsultMyApp’s expertise lies in creating mobile marketing campaigns, providing robust audience solutions, and raising brand awareness.

Their commitment to leveraging the power of mobile devices and contextual advertising makes them a prominent player in the mobile app marketing industry.

Industries: mobile applications.

Notable clients: Chegg, Snoop, Tide.

Key services:

  • App store optimization
  • Paid user acquisition
  • Creative design
  • BI & data analytics
  • Strategic services

Reason to work with ConsultMyApp: ConsultMyApp stands out with its robust audience solutions. They provide advanced targeting capabilities and audience segmentation options to help you reach your ideal users. By leveraging their mobile marketing campaigns and target users, you can effectively engage and convert the right audience for your app to get more active users.

14. Mobio


Mobio is a mobile-first marketing agency that helps businesses leverage the power of mobile devices and modern advertising technologies.

With a focus on app businesses, Mobio offers a range of services including user acquisition, mobile retargeting, and app store optimization.

Their expertise and strategic approach make them a valuable partner for app marketing needs.

With a track record of helping apps reach millions of downloads, Mobio’s signature programs have made a significant impact in the mobile app marketing space.

Their commitment to driving app growth and extensive experience make them a trusted choice in the industry.

Industries: mobile applications.

Notable clients: AliExpress, Jiffy, Herocraft.

Key services:

  • User acquisition
  • Development of creatives
  • App store optimization
  • Mobile application promotion strategy
  • Retargeting

Reason to work with Mobio: Mobio offers a unique feature of marketing funding. They can assist you in financing your marketing efforts, enabling you to access the resources needed to promote and grow your app effectively. This financial support, combined with their expertise in user acquisition, app and Google Play store optimization, and digital strategy, make Mobio an attractive choice.

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Marketing Agency

  1. Expertise and experience

Mobile app marketing agencies have specialized knowledge and experience in promoting and growing apps.

They stay up-to-date with the latest mobile app advertising trends, strategies, and best practices in the industry.

By leveraging their expertise, you can tap into their insights and benefit from their proven methods.

  1. Targeted audience reach

Agencies have a deep understanding of consumer behavior and demographics that helps to increase mobile app downloads.

They can help you identify and target your app’s ideal audience, ensuring your marketing efforts reach the right users.

By reaching the right people at the right time, you can maximize your app’s exposure and increase the likelihood of user engagement and conversions.

  1. Comprehensive marketing strategies

Agencies develop holistic mobile app marketing strategies tailored to your app’s specific goals and target audience.

They can assist you in formulating effective app store optimization (ASO) strategies, developing compelling content and creatives, managing paid user acquisition campaigns, implementing influencer marketing, and more.

These comprehensive strategies ensure a cohesive and integrated approach to app promotion.

  1. Improved app visibility and discoverability

With millions of apps competing for attention, helping your brand name stand out from the crowd is crucial.

Mobile marketing companies understand the importance of app store optimization (ASO) and employ strategies to enhance your app’s visibility in app stores.

They optimize your app’s metadata, keywords, screenshots, and app descriptions, making it more discoverable to potential users.

  1. Enhanced user acquisition and retention

Acquiring new users and retaining existing ones are critical factors for app success.

Mobile app marketing agencies hire digital marketing experts that employ a range of user acquisition techniques, such as paid mobile advertising, social media campaigns, and influencer partnerships, to attract relevant users.

Additionally, they implement retention strategies to engage and retain users over the long term, improving user satisfaction and increasing app usage.

  1. Performance tracking and analytics

Being in the app marketing business, agencies utilize advanced analytics tools to track and measure the performance of your app marketing campaigns.

They provide detailed reports and insights on user behavior and conversion rates using top mobile attribution platforms, and offer app store optimization services, engagement metrics, and more mobile marketing services.

This data-driven approach allows you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make informed decisions for continuous optimization and improvement.

  1. Time and cost efficiency

Outsourcing your app marketing to professionals frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business.

The mobile marketing agency has the infrastructure, creative strategy, tools, and expertise in place, saving you the hassle and expense of building an in-house marketing team.

  1. Industry connections and partnerships

Established mobile app marketing agencies often have extensive networks and partnerships within the industry.

These connections can be leveraged to promote your app through collaborations, successful mobile app marketing strategy, cross-promotions, and strategic alliances, expanding your app’s reach and visibility.

  1. Ongoing support and optimization

App marketing is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, optimization, and adaptation.

Mobile app marketing agencies provide ongoing support and social media marketing and constantly analyze performance data and fine-tune strategies to maximize results.

Their expertise ensures that your app remains competitive and relevant in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

In summary, hiring a mobile app marketing agency brings expertise, targeted audience reach, comprehensive strategies, improved visibility, user acquisition and retention, performance tracking, time and cost efficiency, industry connections, and ongoing support.

These benefits can significantly boost your app’s success and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Final Thoughts on Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies

Choosing the right mobile app marketing agency is crucial for the success of your app.

The featured agencies in this listicle are renowned for their expertise, comprehensive services, and notable client portfolios.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your app store presence, execute effective user acquisition strategies, or enhance your app’s growth, these agencies have the knowledge, mobile ad networks, and skills to help you achieve your goals.

Select an agency that aligns with your specific needs and industry, and embark on a journey to elevate your app’s success.

Ready to supercharge your app’s success with a proven mobile marketing agency? Look no further than inBeat.

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