Mobile Marketing Agency Canada

Canada is a busy mobile app market with many premium demand apps. Make your mobile marketing campaign stand out from the crowd with results-oriented mobile marketing strategies. Our proven mix of paid media, influencer marketing, and UGC attracts more potential customers and increases downloads consistently.

Boost your mobile user acquisition through UGC and paid media

We help you get ahead on mobile marketing platforms with quality UGC created by top-performing influencers. Repurpose that content on your mobile games pages and email marketing to promote mobile growth.

Connect with more mobile device users.

Leveraging influencers in social media marketing campaigns helps you reach your target audience seamlessly, increasing your reputation and credibility.

Proven social media marketing strategies for mobile games and apps


Our mobile marketing agency researches your competition and the Canadian market to build your customer profile and identify unique insights for your mobile campaign.

Influencer outreach

inBeat app marketing agency deals with influencer casting, outreach, and relationship management. Our in-house influencer marketing platform features the top 2% of creators that accelerate awareness and user interaction.

Content editing

We curate and edit the content produced by influencers to find high-performing pieces of content that convert high-quality users. Our business marketing experts help you reach your marketing and advertising goals seamlessly.

Media buying & Optimization

Reach app marketing strategy goals by disseminating consistent marketing messages on social channels and paid media. Constantly hone your ads to reach high-quality prospects that convert and remain active users.

inBeat helps your mobile marketing company rank higher on app pages

Using traditional marketing services like SEO and ASO, inBeat improves user experience on mobile devices and gets you quality content. We use our high-performing technology stack to optimize your app both for search engines and the app store, so your app can dominate trending pages.

How Hopper uses UGC as a way to scale TikTok Ads thanks to inBeat Agency.

A scalable content creation process that allows Hopper to tap into top-performing creators.

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Expand social awareness.

Our influencer marketing platform connects you with the top 2% of influencers with different audience sizes. These creators understand your target customers and have a vast creative experience. As a result, their persuasive messages build social proof and get more traffic to your app.

Improve user acquisition with premium ad experiences.

We track and split-test your ads to optimize your paid media campaign. These honed messages improve the browsing experience, reduce ad fatigue and help you reach quality target customers.

Decrease your unsubscribe rates.

We increase user retention for mobile marketing companies through influencer content. Our top-performing creators explain your app to new users, creating desire and social proof. This superior ad experience translates into more active users and fewer unsubscribes.

Read in-depth reports.

We use advanced analytics tools to monitor your campaign’s impact on engagement, downloads, in-app sales, and more. Our predictive analysis tools help optimize your campaign. And we produce detailed reports on content and influencer performance so you can also track your campaign progress.

How NielsenIQ slashed Paid Media CPAs by 75% for their App with inBeat using a creative UGC strategy.

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Why choose inBeat?

More time

We decrease content creation time by 80%, so you can improve retail consumer experience and reach other marketing goals.

Optimized budget

inBeat helps you save up to 65% from content creation and CPI.

Results that move the needle

Our cross-channel marketing performance sees an average improvement of 28%. That means you can reach your app audience with high-quality messages that convert.

Media buying & Optimization

We run ads to set a benchmark CPA for our given campaign. We edit winning ads to create high-performing variations.