TikTok Marketing Agency

Leverage TikTok influencers’ collaborations to generate top-performing UGC assets for your organic social or paid media campaigns. Use TikTok Marketing to drive more sales with engaging content.

Drive ROI With A Data-Driven TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign

✓   Conversion optimized content for your social platform

✓   Results-driven strategy that focuses on your KPIs

   Insightful reporting to display the impact of your investment

✓   Reach the right people through the right influencers’ audiences

Create Engaging, Authentic Content You Can Repurpose

We take creativity seriously and we pick our micro-influencers accordingly.  We position your product in an authentic and relatable setting through creative content production. The content is then repurposable on any type of social networks or advertising channels. 

How Hopper uses UGC as a way to scale TikTok Ads thanks to inBeat TikTok Marketing Agency.

Ads on TikTok quickly reach the point of ad fatigue, increasing CPAs significantly. Hopper needed to scale UGC ads on TikTok to drive down CPAs and avoid said ad fatigue. 

Launch a TikTok campaign to meet your business objectives

✓  TikTok content by influencers with a high brand-affinity

✓   Educative content displaying your Unique Selling Proposition

   Insightful reporting to display the impact of your investment

✓   Sponsored Direct-Response creative to drive sales

Get experts to manage your TikTok Ads, from content creation to media buying

Our TikTok Ads agency has helped brands from different industries such as Mobile Apps, E-commerce, and consumer packaged goods scale their TikTok ads campaigns. Understanding content marketing is crucial when working on TikTok. InBeat’s marketing experts have deep understanding of TikTok’s trends and advertising platforms to guide influencers for better hook rate, lower CPA and higher ROAS while respecting brands’ guidelines in the creative brief. inBeat Advertising Agency will help you collaborate with marketing profesionals to create successful campaigns.

Scale Your Brand’s TikTok Marketing Program

Let our team of TikTok Marketing experts handle everything for you →

✓   Identify, vet and collaborate with TikTok micro-influencers

✓   Leverage our relationships with 30,000+ micro-influencers

✓   Brainstorm and organize authentic product placement

✓   Scale your TikTok advertising campaigns

Why should I work with a TikTok marketing agency?

inBeat.Agency is a leading influencer marketing agency with a nice mix of creativity and technical knowledge. We know how to drive brand awareness, ROI, and conversions through micro-influencers across different social media. We offer all of our clients the years of experience we have acquired in influencer marketing.

We only work with talented creators; our track record will help you save time from costly mistakes.

Partnering with an established partner allows you to:

  • Access to performance data from 30,000+ paid collaborations with micro-influencers to help you build a ROI driven campaign
  • Structure a TikTok influencer program that drives engagement for your business
  • Reduce the creative burden on your in-house team, allowing you to focus on what matters. We take care of your entire TikTok social advertising strategy, from timelines to contracts and communications.

How much does TikTok marketing cost?

Each campaign is tailored to your brand’s unique goals, so pricing can vary. We pride ourselves on building cost-effective influencer relationships for your brand on any social media platform. At the beginning of the month, you will choose how many creative videos you want to order to our team of creators.

Your investment includes end-to-end creative strategy, influencer management, TikTok content creation costs, and influencer fees.

What types of brands does inBeat Agency work with for TikTok marketing?

Our digital marketing clients focusing on TikTok range from mobile apps to DTC brands and luxury markets. We work strictly with micro-influencers, and we stay away from any celebrity collaborations as we consistently drive better results with smaller creators.

Will TikTok influencer marketing work for my brand?

TikTok as a social media platform offers a strong opportunity for organic reach since it has millions of active users. It allows brands to get enormous awareness at a discounted price.

We tailor our TikTok influencer strategies around your objectives and target market, and we use our industry expertise to get the most out of your campaign.

If we don’t feel that your brand is a good fit for TikTok influencer marketing, we will advise you.

What is a Micro-Influencer on TikTok?

We qualify a micro-influencer with anyone from 5,000 followers to 30,000 followers. We scope influencers by their view count because that is the real indicator of a good ROI. InBeat agency works with an influencer network thoroughly vetted to drive conversion through content creation, social media management and TikTok ads conversion optimization.

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