Mobile Marketing Agency

Significantly increase app installs and lower your CPI with a proven marketing strategy curating influencer marketing, content creation, UGC, and paid media advertising.

Generate high-quality UGC at scale through influencer marketing

Use inBeat Agency’s vetted network of content creators to generate top-performing UGC content on social media and paid media channels.

Reach your future user through the voice of someone they trust.

People are considerably more likely to download an application through a recommendation than through advertisement. We leverage this with the highly engaged audiences from our influencers. 

Mobile App Marketing Strategy with numerous success stories


We identify your target persona, unique selling propositions, and content angles through competitor research, past campaign data and brainstorming.


We cast the right influencers based on your target audience and the content format we’re looking for.

Content editing

We edit the content & create multiple variations to A/B test on the social platform.

Media buying & Optimization

We run ads to set a benchmark CPA for our given campaign. We edit winning ads to create high-performing variations.

Run a boost campaign to reach the top trending apps page.

With the massive exposure from influencers, synchronized distribution and incentivized download offers, you can easily raise your ranking in the app store. App Store optimization and Play Store optimizations are top priorities to improve conversion rate.

How Hopper uses UGC as a way to scale TikTok Ads thanks to inBeat Agency.

A scalable content creation process that allows Hopper to tap into top-performing creators.

Drive Awareness on Social Media

Thanks to creative content creation, get top creators, who understand social media trends, to promote your mobile app on TikTok and Instagram to drive awareness toward your application.

Cost-controlled User Acquisition

Optimize your paid media acquisition through highly monitored A/B testing. Get more app installs with your paid media strategy with a healthy CPA.

Enhance User Retention

Find users that fit your persona with detailed targeting and personalized messages to make sure your new users are here to stay.

Detailed Reporting

At the end of every campaign, we deeply analyze all top-performing influencers and content types. We hand you a thorough metric report and automatically optimize for the next campaign.

How NielsenIQ slashed Paid Media CPAs by 75% for their App with inBeat using a creative UGC strategy.

Some advantages?

Save Time

80% Average Reduction in content creation time

Lower Costs

65% Content Creation Savings & General reduction in Cost-Per-Install

Better Results

28% Average improvement in cross-channel performance