Top Services Offered by Growth Agencies: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

Ioana Cozma
June 1, 2024
May 23, 2024

“Growth” isn’t a buzzword marketing agencies put in front of their name just to attract more clients.

In fact, everything we do aims to grow your business in the long term.

We offer a multi-pronged approach encompassing different marketing and SEO services, all of which are optimized for sustainable growth.

We’ll discuss these growth agency services in this article.

Bonus: We offer in-house insider tips to leverage each service better.

And we discuss several of our agency’s case studies in the process.

Let’s dive in.

1. Core Services Offered by Growth Agencies

Let’s start with the core services you can find in growth marketing agencies – ours included.

1.1. Marketing Strategy Development 

You can’t have a solid growth campaign without a solid marketing strategy behind it. 

And a solid growth strategy aligns every initiative with your business goals.

It enhances growth opportunities and optimizes your marketing budget efficacy. 

Case Study Break: Hurom

One of our clients is the cold-press juicer brand Hurom.

They invented the awesome Slow Squeeze Technology that allows you to extract more nutrients from your produce.

Here’s the problem: They didn’t leverage this advantage.

In fact, they used a discount-based marketing approach that made them dependent on discounts.

Solution: Our growth agency helped them build a “health made easy” brand image.

Results: 65% CPA reduction; 36% CAC reduction; 2.5X ROAS increase.

But back to the main point.

Here's how our growth agency builds this solid, personalized growth marketing strategy in five targeted steps:

  • Identify business goals: Clear goals, such as increasing customer retention or expanding market reach, set the stage.
  • Analyze the target market: We and other growth agencies analyze industry trends and customer experiences to ensure your strategy resonates.
  • Audit existing efforts: We evaluate your current campaigns against your competitors to sleuth out potential enhancements.
  • Build tailored strategies: We use a mix of personalized digital tactics to meet specific business needs. In some cases, this can be a content strategy, and in others, a solid influencer campaign. Either way, we follow data analysis with growth sprints based on that data.
  • Measure and optimize: We accompany these growth sprints with continuous monitoring and agile adjustments based on actionable insights. We identify the highest-performing assets to make your strategies even more effective.

Insider tip: Always start with a reverse-engineering approach to reach your growth objectives.

Set your ultimate business goals, then tailor your marketing strategy to meet those endpoints. This method ensures every marketing action is purposefully aligned with your broader objectives. And that’s how you can increase the effectiveness and ROI of your initiatives.

1.2. Digital Marketing

We believe that digital marketing is indispensable.

It drives your brand’s visibility and influences growth because it helps you target and engage the right audience.

And you can do so effectively. 

Here’s an overview of the key components we apply at inBeat to ensure our clients’ growth:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO boosts your visibility on search engines because we use strategic insights based on which we create high-quality content tailored to match search queries. We also use a mix of on-page optimization, technical improvements and strategic link-building in authoritative websites. All these SEO tactics improve your website’s ranking. That means potential customers see your website at critical moments in their decision-making process.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): SEM is a vital lever for growth because it uses paid search ads to increase reach. We strategically place ads in search engine results to capture the attention of those looking for solutions like yours. As a result, we boost both traffic and conversion rates for our growth clients..
  • Social Media Management: SMM involves more than just posting on social platforms. This tactic is based on really meticulous planning, which we love. It also means creating and executing personalized content marketing strategies to genuinely engage with your target market. Social advertising and social media strategies lead to immense customer growth because they enhance customer experiences and drive engagement.

Case Study Break: Turo

Our client Turo, for example, has awesome social media management.

In the post below, they leverage a major industry trend and customer pain-point all in one: the rising use of electric vehicles. 


And in the process, they create desire and present their luxury offer.

Insider tip: Prioritize integration across all digital platforms to reach exponential growth.

For instance, ensure your social media ads feed into your email marketing funnel. This creates a cohesive user experience that amplifies your reach and conversion rates significantly.

1.3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is pivotal for amplifying your brand’s reach because it can forge genuine connections with your audience. 

We’ve been powering our growth marketing efforts with influencers for years at inBeat.

Here's how we do it to ensure consistent growth and not just visibility:

  • Identify compatible influencers: We pinpoint influencers whose followers mirror your target market. That way, every collaboration helps you reach your business goals because you can address the audience you’re after very strategically and personally.
  • We form strategic partnerships: Building relationships with these influencers is about more than just outreach. We need partnerships that align with our clients’ long-term marketing strategies and growth objectives.
  • Tailored content creation: Influencers produce tailored content that resonates with their audience. They use their authentic voices really effectively to amplify your brand’s message according to your growth objectives.
  • Do performance tracking: We measure each campaign's impact against key performance indicators like click-through rates and conversion metrics to refine strategies and maximize ROI.
  • We always do ongoing optimization: Insights gleaned from each campaign fuel continuous improvement. That’s why we leverage them to turn temporary engagements into sustained growth.

Insider tip: Go beyond follower counts when selecting influencers.

We focus on engagement rates and audience alignment to choose influencers who can genuinely resonate with and influence your target market. That’s how we ensure higher conversion rates and more authentic brand advocacy.

Case Study Break: Hurom

We already told you about Hurom’s awesome results after its brand image change: 250% ROAS increase, 65% lower CPAs, and 36% lower ROAS.

But that was thanks to a mix of influencer content they incorporated throughout their channels.

For example, they partnered with mid-tier Instagram influencer Alyssa, known for her delicious plant-based and soy-free recipes:


But they also partnered with celebrity mega influencer Nick Bosa, defense player for the San Francisco 49ers: 

1.4. Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a crucial service that growth marketing agencies like inBeat offer.

In fact, we are sharply focused on syncing our marketing efforts with your sales processes to boost your conversion rates. 

Here's how this service basically unfolds:

  • Goals alignment: Growth agencies ensure that your marketing and sales objectives are intertwined. This drives both teams towards a unified goal of customer growth and revenue increases.
  • Shared metrics: We help you establish key performance indicators that reflect both sales and marketing success. We ultimately want to create a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility, as corny as that sounds. But it’s in your best long-term interest. We’ve noticed that this strategic alignment transforms potential customers into loyal advocates, driving both rapid growth and sustainable success.
  • Integrated data systems: Since we’re focused on measurable growth, we use data-driven insights. That’s how we can merge marketing data with sales data and give both your teams a comprehensive view of your customer journey. Ultimately, this helps us all make informed decisions.
  • Content optimization: We fine-tune the content used in your marketing campaigns to attract potential customers. But in the process, we also empower your sales teams with materials they can repurpose to convert prospects into satisfied customers.

Insider tip: Implement a CRM that automates follow-ups based on customer interactions with your content. Automating these touchpoints helps you maintain a persistent presence in your prospects' decision-making process.

And that’s key to ultimately closing more deals.

2. Technical and Creative Services

Technical and creative services may not be in the core offering of all growth agencies, but they’re definitely important.

Also, you may notice that other advertising or digital marketing agencies offer these services.

However, growth agencies specifically leverage them with a growth mindset.

Here’s how.

2.1. Technology Implementation

Technology implementation optimizes your marketing efforts.

Growth marketing agencies like us integrate CRM and automation tools to streamline processes.

As a result, we enhance customer interactions and streamline your growth. Here’s how this unfolds:

  • Select suitable tools: Agencies choose tools like Salesforce for CRM and HubSpot for marketing automation. Of course, this choice of exact tools is personalized to meet specific business goals and industry needs.
  • Custom configuration: Growth agencies customize the setup so that the tool’s features align perfectly with your marketing strategies and customer journey requirements.
  • System integration: You need seamless integration with your current digital infrastructure to minimize disruptions. Besides, that’s how you can leverage existing data for greater efficiency.
  • Training and support: Some growth agencies can provide comprehensive training for your team. The purpose is to make sure everyone knows how to use the new tools effectively. Again, that’s crucial for achieving your growth objectives.
  • Ongoing optimization and reporting: We conduct regular assessments and updates because we need the tools to evolve with your business. That’s why we need detailed reporting that offers actionable insights into performance and opportunities for improvement.

Insider tip: Always opt for scalable solutions when implementing new technology.

We advise our growth clients to aim beyond their current needs and rather focus on the next 5 years.

This foresight prevents redundant upgrades and thus helps you leverage technology for long-term growth.

2.2. Creative Services

Creative services entail designing and producing marketing materials that truly resonate with your target market.

Making yourself relatable and trustworthy is essential for growth because you’re aiming for more than mere sales — you’re looking at creating a loyal brand community. 

This community of loyal customers is what drives even more growth because they bring referrals and also spend 67% more than new customers.

Here’s how growth agencies like us execute this obviously important service:

  • Goal alignment: Yes, we go back to your marketing objectives every time. That’s because we want to make sure our creative strategies help you reach your growth goals.
  • Custom content creation: Our agency can create anything from high-quality content for digital ads to engaging designs for print media. But more importantly, we ensure every piece is strategically created. We need to enhance the user experience and reinforce your brand identity, but the ultimate goal is growth.
  • Performance creative production: We use cutting-edge tools and techniques to analyze essential data about your industry, competitors, and audience. That’s how we produce performance creative optimized for higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Multichannel approach: The materials are designed to perform across various marketing channels, with few or no meaningful changes. As a result, you have a constant stream of materials outlining consistent messaging. That’s how you ensure an effective reach across the entire customer journey.
  • Feedback incorporation and iteration: Agencies like us continuously refine their creative outputs based on actionable insights. Side note: we get them from campaign performance data. As a result, the creative evolves in response to market dynamics and customer feedback.

If you’re curious how we at inBeat apply those insights in our influencer creative services, watch this video:

Insider tip: Consistency is key in creative production.

Yes, consistency – not creativity.

We ensure that all creative outputs, from logo design to ad creatives, follow a unified brand guide.

This consistency builds a strong brand identity that your customers easily recognize and trust, thus leading to efficient growth.

2.3. Content Creation

Content creation is the backbone of an effective digital strategy.

After all, that’s how you engage and convert your target audience.

Growth marketing agencies specialize in crafting content that retains customers. 

That’s because we always return to data, your business goals, and the customer journey. 

Here’s a page of our content creation playbook aimed at growth:

  • Audience analysis: Growth agencies begin with granular research to understand the needs and behaviors of your target market.
  • Strategy development: We leverage insights from data-driven approaches to create a bespoke content marketing strategy. Again, we need this data-driven approach to align with your growth objectives.
  • High-quality production: We can create blog posts, TikTok videos, or even infographics. But the point is to create each piece with high standards of quality and relevance. That’s how you enhance user experience and establish your brand as a thought leader. Ultimately, this translates into sustainable growth.
  • SEO optimization: We always optimize content for search engine visibility. To achieve that, we incorporate strategic keywords and improve often-neglected on-page elements like URLs, image tags, and internal links. The point is to make your content both user- and index crawler-friendly so that Google can rank them higher.
  • Performance measurement: We use advanced tools to continuously measure your content’s impact against industry trends and marketing goals. That’s how we can make real-time adjustments and strategic optimizations.

Insider tip: Leverage user-generated content wherever possible.

This approach is great for growth because it reduces content production costs and simultaneously enhances credibility and customer engagement.

Real customer stories resonate more effectively with your audience, who will then be likelier to purchase and remain loyal to your brand.

Case Study Break: Mindbloom

The content creator below has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of her life.

She has tried many different solutions, but our client Mindbloom helped her immensely.


This type of very personal, raw, user-generated content is thumb-stopping as well as incredibly relatable.

It convinces your target audience, who are likelier to try your products after seeing a piece of UGC rather than after seeing an impersonal brand message.

That’s why UGC is so instrumental in your growth journey.

3. Advanced Services for Expansion and Efficiency

At inBeat, we also have several advanced services that will help you expand your company and reach new markets.

3.1. Market Expansion

Ambitious companies aim to break into new territories.

Everyone knows that.

Well, here’s how growth hacking helps you achieve this:

  • Target market analysis: Identify which markets hold the most promise for rapid growth. We help you conduct detailed demographic studies and economic assessments to pinpoint regions where your product or service will likely succeed.
  • Custom growth experiments: We talked about this before. Basically, we build strategies that test the waters without full commitment. For example, we begin with small-scale launches that give us real-time feedback. We can then make adjustments with minimal risks.
  • Leveraging local trends: We adapt to local customer needs and industry trends to enhance your relevance. For example, we always customize marketing messages to fit cultural nuances, but we can also use other strategies, like tapping into local events and communities.

Insider tip: Use local market influencers when entering new geographic areas.

This will help you introduce your brand quicker and more organically into local communities.

Ultimately, this will speed up the trust-building process that’s essential for market penetration.

Case Study Break: Nielsen IQ

We helped Nielsen IQ generate multi-lingual content in 15+ different languages and accents. Using voice actors and local influencers, we helped Nielsen IQ address niche audiences in different geographies. 


As a result, Nielsen reached its panelist acquisition goals and expanded in different markets across the globe.

3.2. Customer Engagement and Retention

Customer engagement and retention help you maintain a loyal customer base.

You need this loyal base if your ultimate goal is business growth. 

For that, growth marketing agencies like us use inbound marketing and other techniques to keep customers committed:

  • Inbound marketing: We give your customers valuable insights through educational and informative content. That’s how we help them make purchases that feel personal and well-considered. But more importantly, we establish your brand as a trustworthy, reliable figure in their array of choices.
  • Personalization: We always tailor the customer experience at every touchpoint, from personalized emails to customized offers. This makes customers feel uniquely understood and boosts retention rates.
  • Community building: We advise our clients to create platforms where customers can engage with each other and your brand. Forums, social media groups, and virtual events can transform your customer base into a community.
  • Customer service excellence: You can’t grow unless you ensure every customer interaction adds value. We’ve seen it a million times: responsive and proactive customer support turns casual users into loyal advocates.
  • Loyalty programs: Reward continued engagement and purchases. Programs with exclusive benefits or discounts encourage repeat business and deepen customer loyalty.

Insider tip: Integrate interactive elements into your customer journey, such as polls or quizzes, in your email campaigns and on social media.

These interactions provide insights into customer preferences while keeping them engaged with your brand. And then, you can leverage these insights to skyrocket your growth.

3.3. Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis and reporting ensure that your marketing decisions are backed by solid evidence.

Here’s what you should focus on:

  • Data collection: Gather comprehensive data across all marketing channels. 
  • Advanced analytics: Employ tools like Google Analytics and custom dashboards to dive deep into the data. These tools help identify trends, measure performance against industry average, and track key performance indicators.
  • Customer insights: Analyze customer behavior and preferences to hone your marketing efforts. Basically, understanding the entire customer journey allows you to create more targeted and, therefore, more effective strategies.
  • Actionable recommendations: Convert data findings into actionable insights. These recommendations guide your internal team to optimize conversion rates and enhance customer experiences.

Insider tip: Establish a dashboard that integrates data from all marketing channels.

This centralized view allows for real-time performance monitoring and faster adjustments.

As a result, you can drive more informed and effective decision-making across campaigns.

Case Study Break: Chatbooks

One of our clients is Chatbooks, an app that allows you to make a photo book by simply using your phone.

We deep-dived into their data to discover their audience’s main pain point is losing the memories they made with their loved ones.

We also found that a large portion of their target audience is Millennial moms.

Chatbooks uses this insight to post relatable Instagram content like this:


Or this:


4. Advertising as a Key Service

Advertising is a major service growth agencies offer.

Obviously, advertising agencies also offer advertising. However, we – and other solid growth agencies like us – do so in a targeted fashion to help your company grow.

And for that, we employ two main tactics.

4.1. Multi-Channel Advertising

Multi-channel advertising maximizes your reach and engagement because you can use both digital and traditional media.

Basically, we’re employing a holistic perspective to create comprehensive campaigns that fit your goals.

Here’s what we focus on:

  • Channel identification: We determine the most effective marketing channels for your target audience. Think anything from digital platforms like social media and search engines to traditional media such as TV and print ads.
  • Data-driven strategies: We analyze user behavior and engagement metrics to tailor each campaign.
  • Integrated campaigns: We can create campaigns that bridge digital and traditional media. But regardless of the channels we choose, we want to ensure your message is consistent and optimized for each channel.
  • Performance monitoring and agile optimization: We track your campaign’s performance across all channels using key performance indicators and advanced analytics. We also adjust your strategies fast based on real-time data. 

Insider tip: Always optimize your advertising creative for each channel. What works on Facebook might not work on LinkedIn. Tailoring creatives to the channel and its audience maximizes engagement and effectiveness.

4.2. Influencer-Based Ads

Influencer-based advertising is a powerful strategy that growth marketing agencies use to enhance brand visibility and improve financial metrics like CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). 

Here’s how leveraging influencers can drive long-term growth:

  • Targeted reach: Influencers typically have specific, niche audiences interested in particular topics whom you can target very precisely. This precision reduces wasted ad spend and lowers CPAs.
  • Trust and credibility: Influencers build trust with their followers over time. When they endorse a product, their audience is more likely to engage. This trus enhances your brand credibility and reduces CAC because you can convert followers into customers more efficiently.
  • Market expansion: Influencers can introduce your brand to new markets and demographics. Their endorsement acts like a bridge, facilitating easier and more effective market entry. Of course, new market penetration is the first step toward exponential growth.
  • Enhanced ROI and ROAS: The authentic connections influencers create translate into better ROI and ROAS. That’s because more of their followers are converted into customers at a lower cost than traditional ads.
  • Sustainable growth: Continuously collaborating with influencers lets you maintain a steady influx of new customers. This consistent engagement sustains growth over time because you avoid the peaks and troughs associated with one-off campaigns.

Insider tip: Combine influencer content with retargeting strategies. After an influencer promotes your product, retarget their followers with direct ads. This combination significantly boosts ad recall and conversion rates.

Case Study Break: Hopper

The travel app Hopper wanted to reduce ad fatigue their TikTok ads were facing.

They also wanted more app downloads and active app users.

That’s why we used influencer ads like the one below:

Insider tip: More importantly, we tested the ad hooks extensively to ensure they were not eliciting ad fatigue.


The Benefit of Integrated Services

If you have read so far, you realize that growth agencies feature a lot of services other agencies have, too.

We’re talking about SEO, PPC, social media management, influencer marketing, and much more.

However, growth agencies like us target this holistic approach to facilitate your growth.

We attack your business challenges from all relevant points compared to single-service or traditional digital marketing agencies. 

This leads to more efficient problem-solving and enhanced business outcomes because we propose:

  • A unified strategy: Our strategies are not just piecemeal. They’re interconnected. This coherence maximizes each marketing initiative’s impact. Conversely, single-service agencies focus narrowly on one aspect, like SEO or social advertising.
  • Efficient resource allocation: Managing all services under one roof allows us to optimize your marketing budget according to changing market conditions. Plus, you don’t have the overhead associated with coordinating multiple vendors and service providers.
  • Consistent brand messaging: A holistic service ensures that all your messaging across various channels, from digital marketing to inbound marketing, is consistent. This uniformity strengthens brand perception and improves customer retention because every touchpoint reinforces the same values and promises.
  • Enhanced customer insights: Integrated services give you – and us – more in-depth data analysis from multiple platforms. And this leads to more informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Agility in execution: We plan and execute growth sprints that let you scale your business operations rapidly. This agility is key in responding to market trends and leveraging growth opportunities. Conversely, traditional or single-service agencies may be slower to integrate new insights into ongoing campaigns.

So, if you want to obtain these same benefits, schedule a free strategy call with us.

We’ll use personalized growth hacking services to skyrocket your business growth, just like we did for the other clients we mentioned above.

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