How to Choose High-Performing UGC Video Types for Your Campaigns in 2024

Ioana Cozma
June 19, 2024
May 26, 2024

We’re living in an era where authenticity is valued.

That’s why user-generated content videos stand out as a powerful tool.

They align deeply with the interests of your brand’s audiences – regardless of what that audience looks like. 

In fact, a whopping 79% of consumers report that UGC significantly impacts their purchasing decisions, highlighting its crucial role in shaping consumer choices and preferences.  

However, to get the most out of this strategy, you must select the right type of UGC videos for your campaigns to connect more effectively with your audience. 

Not sure how to choose one? Worry not - we are here to guide you! 

In this blog post, we will explore: 

  • A brief introduction to UGC videos 
  • 10 different types of UGC videos, when they are most effective, and their real-life examples
  • An 8-step plan to choose high-performing UGC videos for your brand
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What are UGC videos?

UGC videos are created and shared by consumers rather than brands.

They feature people interacting with or discussing products, experiences, or brands in an organic and authentic manner. 

A real-world example of UGC videos is inBeat Agency's campaign for Bluehouse Salmon.

The agency sourced creators from Showcase to reduce ad fatigue and maintain customer interest in a product that might otherwise be viewed as unexciting. 

Bluehouse Salmon integrated real customer stories and experiences.

That’s how the brand was able to stay memorable and appealing without being overly salesy​.

The campaign achieved a 500% growth in followers and created over 200 unique content assets.

10 Major Types of UGC Videos & When to Pick Them

There are multiple types of user-generated content videos that fit different scenarios depending on your specific needs.

Let’s explore 10 prominent types with their real-life examples: 

1. Problem & Solution Videos

Problem and solution videos typically outline the problem, delve into its causes or implications, and provide actionable steps or advice to resolve it.

They involve testimonials, demonstrations, or expert interviews to enhance credibility and efficacy.

When is it most effective?

They resonate well in industries such as technology, education, healthcare, and personal development, where consumers actively seek guidance and solutions. 


Miro's collaboration with influencers to promote their interactive brainstorming and prioritization template is an excellent example of a problem-solving video.

For example, the UGC video below addresses the common challenges teams face during brainstorming sessions.

The video provides a solution that enhances collective creativity and decision-making efficiency by introducing a template with five sections filled with targeted exercises and clear steps. 


This was one of the highest performing UGC videos in inBeat Agency’s campaign for Miro and it proves the power of B2B influencer marketing.

2. Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos feature real people or influencers unpacking and showcasing products, providing commentary or first impressions throughout the process.

These videos offer viewers an authentic look at the packaging, contents, quality, features, and usability of the product, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. 

When is it most effective?

Unboxing videos are most effective for new product launches or exclusive releases.

They generate excitement and anticipation among viewers.

A survey suggests that 62% of people view unboxing videos when researching a particular product. 

An Influencer Unboxing Shoes by Zappos 

The online retailer Zappos effectively uses unboxing videos to boost customer engagement and sales.

In these videos, customers unbox their purchases from Zappos.

The real, spontaneous reactions captured in these videos help build trust and credibility among potential customers. 

3. Before and After

Before-and-after videos showcase the transformation or results achieved by a product over a specific period.

Such videos typically feature a comparison between the initial state (before) and the outcome (after) and highlight changes in appearance, performance, or functionality. 

When is it most effective?

Before and after videos resonate well with audiences that seek evidence of a product's or service's efficacy.

They are commonly used in industries such as fitness, beauty, and home improvement to demonstrate tangible progress.

According to a report, videos showcasing real-life experiences have the potential to elevate purchasing intent by up to 30%.

Kids using Baby Busy Mats

Specializing in silicone suction placemats that keep baby accessories in place, Baby Busy Mat uses UGC videos on its website to show the product's functionality.

These videos, created by mothers, effectively demonstrate the before and after scenarios.

They showcased how the mats keep spaces clean and organized.​  

4. Review Videos

Review videos feature individuals sharing their opinions, experiences, and insights about a product, service, or experience.

These videos offer authentic feedback and evaluations, covering various aspects of a product or service such as performance, features, value for money, and overall satisfaction. 

When is it most effective?

Such videos are important in the decision-making process for many consumers as they help them assess the pros and cons of a product/service.

According to stats, almost 70% of customers take a peek at UGC reviews before sealing the deal on a purchase. 

influencer reviewing a Glossier product 

Glossier, a skincare brand, promoted UGC videos featuring everyday users showcasing their personal experiences with its products, discussing everything from product texture and skin benefits to packaging and overall effectiveness. 

5. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos focus on instructional or educational material, demonstrating to viewers how to perform a task or use a product.

These videos can cover various topics, from academic subjects and software applications to crafts and cooking.

They are particularly popular on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

When is it most effective?

Tutorial videos are particularly effective for complex products that necessitate assembly or specialized knowledge for usage.

They also excel in introducing users to new technologies or software.

They are most common in industries like beauty, fitness or crafts. 

Phone Loops case study

Collaborating with Phone Loops, inBeat crafted a UGC strategy based on tutorial videos.

This involved diverse influencers from Showcase who demonstrated various practical applications of Phone Loops.

These tutorial-style videos showed how the brand’s products can be effectively used, such as attaching it to a phone case or using it to prevent drops.

The 300+ unique content pieces generated over 250,000 unique engagements and 80%+ in ROAS.

6. Product Hauls

Product hauls are where users showcase a collection of items they've recently purchased, typically from a single shopping event or store.

These videos are highly engaging and offer viewers a candid look at the products, their features, and first impressions of their quality and value. 

When is it most effective?

Product haul videos are most effective during new product launches, seasonal sales, or special promotions where consumer interest in product variety and shopping experiences is high.

They are particularly useful for e-commerce brands and retailers.

Sephora haul

Sephora, a leading beauty retailer, is often featured in beauty haul videos where influencers showcase their latest makeup and skincare finds.

These hauls typically highlight new product releases or special collections available at Sephora.

7. Offer Videos

Offer videos showcase promotions, discounts, or special deals through actual customers' experiences.

They use the authenticity of personal stories to promote deals, which increases their appeal and trustworthiness among viewers.

When is it most effective?

Offer videos work best when introducing new products, during significant sales events, or when a quick increase in sales volume is necessary.

This format is ideal for time-sensitive promotions to draw attention and drive immediate action from potential customers.

Alt tag: Dormani Group case study

Dormani Group, in partnership with inBeat, developed relatable content centered around the theme of giving back.

Here, the "offer" is not a typical product discount or promotion but a philanthropic contribution.

The video content highlighted that some part of their media budget was donated to the SPCA, with the purpose of aiding animals in need. 

And inBeat’s campaign genuinely consisted of high-performing UGC.

Just look at the results. The 50+ unique content pieces lead to over 200,000 unique views and 250%+ increase in traffic MoM.

8. Educational Videos

Educational videos are designed to effectively communicate complex information in an accessible and engaging way.

They use visuals to enhance understanding and retention.

Moreover, such videos are particularly impactful because video as a medium can increase information retention rates by up to 95% compared to reading text alone.

When is it most effective?

This format works best in situations where clarity and depth of understanding are crucial.

A few examples may include explaining new technologies, intricate processes, or educational concepts that benefit from visual demonstration. 

NYC Votes case study

With NYC Votes, inBeat Agency devised a strategic campaign to engage young voters through TikTok influencers from Showcase and Spark ads.

By presenting voting-related information in an engaging and accessible manner, the campaign successfully captured the attention of young voters. 

The results were impressive as they achieved an average view time of 10 seconds per viewer.

Moreover, they garnered a total of 2.5 million views and engaged 56% of users who interacted with the content

9. Trend Videos 

Trend videos capitalize on current trends, challenges, or viral phenomena across social media platforms.

These videos capture and reflect popular culture, featuring creators engaging with the latest fads, using specific hashtags, or participating in challenging activities. 

When is it most effective?

Trend videos are highly impactful when a brand aims to increase its reach quickly and engage with a younger, trend-sensitive audience.

They work best during times of high social media activity around specific events or when a particular topic is going viral. 

Nordstrom x Wildfang

Nordstrom collaborated with Wildfang to generate UGC videos aligning with the trend toward inclusive fashion.

By coordinating with over 100 influencers, they effectively promoted the new WF/BP collection across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The focus was on inclusivity to generate widespread interest.

10. Q/A Videos

Q&A videos are where creators respond to questions posed by their audience or address frequently asked questions on a specific topic.

According to HubSpot, 66% of consumers engage with Q&A videos to gather information about a brand or product. 

When is it most effective?

They are particularly valuable for product launches, educational content, or as a regular engagement tool to maintain and grow a loyal community.

Chloejadetravels Q/A video

An example of Q&A videos can be seen with influencers like @chloejadetravels on TikTok.

She engages her followers by answering specific questions about her experiences, such as flying with Qatar Airways. 

8-Step Plan to Choose High-Performing UGC Videos

Research shows that 86% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that share UGC.

However, to ensure this you must create high-performing content. From our experience, the following steps will help you through the process smoothly: 

1. Define Your Marketing Goals

Understanding your marketing objectives dictates the kind of content that will most effectively engage your audience and drive results. 

Let’s understand how to align your UGC strategy with them:

  • Objective identification: Clearly define what you aim to achieve with your UGC campaign, whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or improving customer loyalty.
  • Target audience analysis: Analyze who your target audience is and what type of content resonates most with them to ensure it’s relevant and engaging.
  • Performance metrics: Decide on the key performance indicators (KPIs) you will use to measure success, such as:
    • Engagement rate, 
    • Click-through rate, or 
    • Conversion rate.
  • Benchmark current metrics: Review existing data like view counts, watch time, and retention rates to establish a baseline for future video campaign performance. 

Pro Tip: At Showcase, we regularly review goals and the performance of your UGC content.

This helps us make necessary adjustments to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience will help you select UGC videos that they connect with on a personal level.

For this, you need to evaluate the following factors: 

  • Demographic analysis: Identify your audience's age, location, interests, and other demographic factors to tailor content that appeals directly to them.
  • Platform preferences: Determine which social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, your target audience uses most frequently. If you’re targeting a B2B audience, you may even consider LinkedIn.
  • Content preferences: Analyze the types of content that engage your audience the most, such as tutorials, testimonials, or lifestyle videos.
  • Engagement analysis: Look at past interactions to understand what content generates the most comments, shares, and likes.

3. Source Potential UGC Videos

Before diving into the creation phase, you must identify potential sources for UGC videos to promote authenticity in your campaigns.

The following steps will help you find compelling UGC video material:

  • Social media platforms: Explore popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook to discover UGCs related to your niche or industry. Look for hashtags and trends where users frequently share relevant content.
  • Online communities: Join online forums like Reddit and Quora, discussion boards, and niche communities where enthusiasts and experts gather to exchange ideas and share experiences. 
  • Review customer submissions: If you have an existing customer base or loyal followers, encourage them to submit their own videos showcasing their experiences, testimonials, or creative interpretations related to your brand or product. Encourage them through reward programs. 
  • Collaborate with influencers: You can work with influencers from platforms like Showcase who have a genuine connection with their audience and are known for creating authentic, engaging content.

Pro Tip: When sourcing UGC videos, we, at Showcase, prioritize quality over quantity. Our experts select content that maintains a consistent level of production value.

4. Evaluate Video Engagement

When assessing the performance of UGC videos, go beyond surface-level metrics like likes, shares, comments, and view counts.

While high numbers in these areas indicate engagement, it’s equally crucial to consider the following aspects: 

  • Audience interaction: Analyze whether viewers actively engage by asking questions, seeking clarification, or initiating discussions in the comments section. 
  • Conversion metrics: Measure the impact of UGC videos on driving desired actions, such as making purchases, signing up for newsletters, or visiting the website. 
  • Feedback and sentiment: Pay attention to the tone of comments and reactions to gauge audience sentiment towards the content. Positive feedback, testimonials, and expressions of appreciation indicate that the UGC resonates with the audience.

Pro Tip: Like Showcase, you can also implement tracking mechanisms, such as UTM parameters or custom URLs, to attribute specific actions and conversions directly to UGC videos. 

5. Assess Content Quality and Relevance

Your UGC videos shall prioritize relevance to your brand while maintaining high-quality of the content so it connects with your audience on a personal level.

Let’s explore how to ensure the videos align with your brand's image and messaging:

  • Visual and audio clarity: While professional production isn't necessary, the videos should have clear visuals and audio. This ensures that viewers can engage with the content effectively without distractions.
  • Authenticity over staging: Genuine UGC performs better than overly staged content. The videos should feel authentic, reflecting real experiences and perspectives related to your brand.
  • Alignment with brand image: Whether it's through storytelling, humor, or informational content, ensure that the videos represent your product or service in a positive light.
  • Viewer resonance: Pick videos that stir emotions or reactions that are relevant to what your brand's audience cares about. When people feel a genuine connection to the video, they are more likely to share and talk about it, increasing its impact.

Pro Tip: Our team measure the emotional impact of each UGC video by monitoring audience reactions and engagement within the first 24 hours of posting. This helps us determine if the content genuinely connects with our audience and aligns with our brand's values

6. Deploy Analytics to Gauge Performance

Before finalizing your selection of UGC videos, it's essential to understand their impact through direct comparison, which can be done efficiently through the following ways: 

  • A/B testing: Compare different UGC videos head-to-head to see which ones engage your audience the most.
  • Segmentation: Test videos within specific audience segments to tailor your approach more effectively. Different segments may respond uniquely, providing deeper insights.
  • Analytical tools: Use advanced analytics tools to measure engagement rates, watch times, and interaction levels. 
  • Feedback analysis: Pay attention to comments and feedback from your audience. Viewer reactions can give you a direct line of insight into the content's impact.

Pro Tip: To keep track of performance trends over time, our team, at Showcase, integrates the A/B testing results into the analytics dashboard. This helps guide UGC strategy and ensure ongoing optimization.

7. Optimize Content for Search Engines

Optimizing UGC videos for search engines is pivotal in enhancing their visibility and performance.

Effective SEO strategies ensure that your content reaches a wider audience.

A comprehensive SEO plan for UGC videos encompasses the following steps: 

  • Keyword research: Identify relevant keywords that your target audience frequently uses to search for content. Incorporate these keywords naturally in your video titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Engaging titles and descriptions: Craft compelling titles and descriptions that include your main keywords. This will boost SEO and encourage users to click and watch.
  • Video transcriptions: Include a full transcription of your video content. This can significantly help search engines understand and index your content more effectively.
  • Thumbnails and tags: Use eye-catching thumbnails to improve click-through rates. Properly tag your videos with relevant keywords to enhance their discoverability.

Pro Tip: At Showcase, we optimize UGC content for SEO by incorporating interactive elements like clickable annotations, quizzes, and polls. Trust us – it magically increases user engagement rates. 

8. Double Down on Highest Performing UGC Videos

Lastly, focus your efforts on these high performers to maximize ROI and engagement.

Here’s a strategic approach that can help you enhance your UGC campaigns based on performance metrics:

  • Performance monitoring: Continuous tracking of the performance of all UGC videos, focusing on metrics such as views, engagement rates, and conversions.
  • Identify top performers: Using analytics tools to pinpoint which videos and creators are yielding the best results. This involves looking at the numbers and understanding the content features that engage your audience.
  • Scale successful elements: Investing more in the types of videos and creators that have proven successful. This might mean higher budgets for certain creators or more frequent collaborations.
  • Iterate and innovate: Use the insights gained from top-performing content to experiment with new ideas that could replicate or surpass the success of existing videos.

Pro Tip:  At Showcase, we initiate feedback loops with our top creators to engage in active discussions. This assists in assessing successful strategies and exploring fresh content ideas.

Wrapping Up

UGC videos offer a dynamic opportunity for brand promotion but with numerous options available, selecting the right type is critical. 

Our comprehensive guide on choosing high-performing UGC videos types ensures that you align your brand's values and target audience seamlessly.

This alignment results in remarkable outcomes, such as a significant reduction in CPA. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Use diverse UGC videos (testimonials, tutorials, unboxing) to align with brand goals.
  • Choose videos that resonate with the target audience and fit your messaging.
  • Employ analytics tools to measure impact and refine strategies.
  • Match video types to appropriate scenarios for maximum effectiveness.

Are you still confused about which UGC video will best suit your brand? Don’t worry! Showcase can assist you. With access to top-performing content creators and expert guidance, Showcase can empower you to elevate your brand's presence and engagement effortlessly. 

Begin your journey towards UGC success today with Showcase!

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