21 Top Health & Wellness Instagram Influencers in New York [Macro, Micro and Nano]

Tamara Jovanovic
May 21, 2024
February 1, 2024

Meet the top health and wellness influencers from New York City!

In this busy city that’s always on the go, there’s a group of Instagram influencers dedicated to teaching people how to live a healthy and balanced life.

They’ve become really popular online, motivating lots of people with their knowledge and their own life stories.

We’ve picked out the best of the best for you – from people who love working out to those who know all about healthy eating, and from yoga experts to those who teach about staying calm and mindful.

Our NYC influencer agency invites you to check out these influencers’ great posts, helpful advice, and life-changing stories that will encourage you to start taking care of your health and wellness.


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NYC Macro-Influencers in Health & Wellness

@veggiekins | Remy Morimoto Park


General information

Topics: Fitness, Food, Recipes, Veganism, Yoga

Self-intro: “Recipe developer, food photographer/blogger, health, and wellness writer, and lover of cats and kombucha.”

Other channels: Website | YouTube | TikTok

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Where do we start when it comes to Remy Morimoto Park?

Going by @veggiekins handle on major social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok, Remy takes pride in developing healthy vegan recipes that also happen to be mouthwatering.

Besides that, she also takes stunning food pics and publishes blog posts that are a gold mine of delicious meals for vegans.

With almost 200k followers and a great engagement rate, Remy has the power to bring exposure to health & wellness brands around the globe.

Her approach to the wellness industry is what sets her apart from other influencers in NYC.

Instagram account analysis:

@veggiekins Instagram account analysis

@melissawoodtepperberg | Melissa Wood-Tepperberg


General information

Topics: Jewelry, Workout, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food

Self intro: “I am a meditation teacher, certified yoga & pilates instructor, and founder of MWH.”

Other channels: Website | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube | SnapChat

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Melissa is one of the top NYC influencers for a reason.

As MWH founder, she takes pride in making mindful movement accessible & attainable for all.

With a holistic approach to the wellness industry and a variety of content on multiple social media platforms and her own website, she promotes active lifestyle and healthy food choices.

Mellissa thinks that healthy life and a healthy diet go hand in hand and that everyone is capable of implementing them in their everyday life.

She also posts fitness content and with an impressive engagement rate, you can be 100% that collaborating with her is the right choice.

Instagram account analysis:

@melissawoodtepperberg Instagram account analysis

@plantbasedben | Ben Raue


General information

Topics: Calisthenics, Workout, Vegan, Lifestyle

Self intro: “I’m here to help inspire healthy, happy, conscious living, for the benefit of the people, the planet.”

Other channels: Website | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube| Twitter

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Ben Raue goes by @plantbasedben on both Instagram and TikTok, and his main type of content is promoting healthy meals that are completely plant-based.

He is a firm believer that people can make healthier choices if they opt for a vegan diet.

His impressive engagement rate will help health & wellness brands gain a much-needed boost in visibility.

Instagram account analysis:

@plantbasedben Instagram account analysis

@kaylakleinman | Kayla Kleinman


General information

Topics: Books, Lifestyle, Fitness, Wellness

Self intro: “I’m Kayla! Blogger. Book lover. Comfy clothes enthusiast. Loud introvert. New Yorker. Probably wearing yoga pants and drinking an iced oat milk latte.”

Other channels: Website | TikTok

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Kayla is a firm believer in realistic wellness, and that’s exactly what she is promoting with every type of content on her account.

Her content creation process oozes authenticity and that’s why people in NYC love her!

With high-quality content and decent engagement rate, Kayla will bring exposure to any health & wellness brand looking to collaborate with her!

Instagram account analysis:

@kaylakleinman Instagram account analysis

@healthfulradiance | Angie Caruso


General information

Topics: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Writing, Recipes, Vegan

Self intro: “hi everyone! i’m angie, a health-conscious recent college grad and owner of @healthfulradiance. i started my platform during my eating disorder recovery to hold me accountable for my progress. safe to say it’s grown a bit since then!”

Other channels: Website

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Angie Caruso has engaged an audience that loves her plant-based recipes.

She strongly believes that people’s approach to health and food should be intuitive to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Besides recipes, you’ll also find lifestyle tips on her account.

Her target audience is people who have health struggles due to bad diet culture and are looking to make a change.

Instagram account analysis:

@healthfulradiance Instagram account analysis

@joybauer | Joy Bauer


General information

Topics: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Retail, Recipes, Vegan, Healthy Living

Self intro: “Nutrition Expert for NBC’s TODAY Show, #1 NYT Bestselling Author, Chief Nutrition Officer at Plenity”

Other channels: Website | Pinterest | Facebook | Amazon | Twitter

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Instagram Health & Fitness influencers list wouldn’t be complete without the Nutrition/Wellness expert on NBC’s @todayshow – Joy Bauer.

She helps thousands of people to live happy lives and has strong engagements per post.

Joy is also 1 NYT best-selling author and has written a book Superfood.

Her best advice to develop a healthier lifestyle is to be mindful of what you eat.

Instagram account analysis:

@joybauer Instagram account analysis

@escpeters | Sean Peters


General information

Topics: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Recipes, Fitness, Health Food, Health and Wellness

Self intro: “Sean is a passionate entrepreneur and fitness advocate who specializes in healthy recipes. In 2015, after an overwhelming demand for his recipes from his personal IG account, Sean launched mybodymykitchen.com. In his free time you can find Sean running, sweating and eating all over New York City. Sean also holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York.”

Other channels: Website | Pinterest | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

Contact details: [emailprotected]

With over 50k followers on Instagram, Sean helps you take control of your kitchen and shares all types of content people love.

From the mix of photos to Instagram reels and lifestyle tips, Sean’s approach to influencer marketing is unbeatable.

Instagram account analysis:

@escpeters Instagram account analysis

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NYC Micro-Influencers in Health & Wellness

@biancagasparro | Bianca Gasparro


General information

Topics: Fitness, Motherhood, Style, Recipes

Self intro: “Hi! My name is Bianca and I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Enthusiast and Mother. Fol”

Other channels: Website | TikTok | Pinterest | Facebook | Amazon |

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Bianca is one of the best fitness gurus out there.

When it comes to the Instagram Health & Fitness industry, her approach is dominant and engaging to the brand’s target audience.

With a decent engagement rate of 0.63% per post, Bianca is a good choice if you want to get an engaged audience.

Her platform is health-centered and she also shares lifestyle content making her a great lifestyle influencer as well!

Instagram account analysis:

@biancagasparro Instagram account analysis

@joshuajholland | Joshua J Holland


General information

Topics: Fitness, Training, Workout

Self intro: “Holistic Trainer; Podcast Host; EMS Trainer; Technogym Master Trainer; Primal Blueprint Expert; MovN”

Other channels: Website | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Joshua is a visionary health and wellness influencer who embodies strength and resilience.

His transformative journey from adversity to triumph resonates with his followers, inspiring them to overcome their own challenges.

His platforms offer practical strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

Instagram account analysis:

@joshuajholland Instagram account analysis

@thesauttersisters | GRACE & AVA


General information

Topics: Fitness, Training, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Recipes

Self intro: “Hi babes! We are two dancers from NYC and the creators of the SweatBySautter™️ method. We created this method to bring awareness to the lives of dancers and ways in which one can cross train and create those ballet lines. This method is a combination of HIIT exercises and long, lean lines to help tone the body and allow it to perform in its Olympic shape. We will be featuring our workouts, food/recipes, & the lifestyle we swear by. ”

Other channels: TikTok | Pinterest | YouTube

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Grace and Ava are influencer sisters you didn’t know you needed!

If your target audience is dancers, influencer marketing collaboration with these two is a match made in heaven.

Instagram Health & Fitness space would lack so much knowledge and passion if it weren’t for Grace & Ava to spice things up.

Their content empowers the audience with innovative workout routines, and valuable nutritional advice and champions mental health awareness.

Instagram account analysis:

@thesauttersisters Instagram account analysis

@diana.fitness | Diana Mitrea


General information

Topics: Fitness, Training, Wellness, Entrepreneur Life, Travel

Self intro: “Diana Mitrea is an Instagram Influencer based in the US who is passionate about fitness, wellness and entrepreneurship. She can be found early in the morning at Midtown on Mondays and Wednesdays, and is known for her hard work and dedication to her goals. Diana has been able to combine her passion for physical health, emotional well-being and business acumen to create a unique and inspiring presence on Instagram. With her inspirational attitude and her focus on personal growth, she has become a role model to many.”

Other channels: TikTok

Contact details: n/a

Enter the world of Diana, a compassionate health and wellness influencer who radiates positivity and genuine care.

Her online presence is a safe haven for individuals seeking balance in their lives.

Diana guides her devoted followers through meditation sessions, promotes body positivity, and fosters a community of support and acceptance.

Instagram account analysis:

@diana.fitness Instagram account analysis

@giannafae | Gianna Carullo


General information

Topics: Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Motherhood

Self intro: “Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Master Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, former NPC Bikini Competitor”

Other channels: Website | TikTok | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Gianna is a health and wellness influencer on a mission to revolutionize self-care.

With her captivating storytelling and infectious energy, she motivates her community to prioritize their physical and mental health.

Gianna shares practical tips for stress reduction, advocates for sustainable living, and encourages others to embrace their authentic selves.

Instagram account analysis:

@giannafae Instagram account analysis

@eastcoasthealth | Maddie Pasquariello


General information

Topics: Nutrition, Fitness, Health and Wellness

Self intro: “As a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Communications and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I have a passion for cutting through the myths of the diet industry and helping active individuals find their optimal, personalized health plan.”

Other channels: Website | Twitter

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Demystifying health & wellness has never been easier than with Maddie!

With her gentle demeanor and soothing voice, she guides her followers on a journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Sophie promotes sustainable nutrition practices and encourages a balanced approach to health and exercise.

Instagram account analysis:

@eastcoasthealth Instagram account analysis

@tanya_tastes | Tanya Slehria


General information

Topics: Food, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Fashion

Self intro: “I’m currently an advertising and public relations major with an eye for creative design. I am an experienced social media strategist, would consider myself a “foodie” and love to travel.”

Other channels: Website | TikTok

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Tanja is a vibrant health and wellness influencer in NYC who spreads joy and self-expression.

With her infectious energy, she encourages her community to embrace a journey of uniqueness and healthy eating.

Tanya fosters inclusive space for her community to learn more about healthy lifestyle, and how food influences our daily life.

Instagram account analysis:

@tanya_tastes Instagram account analysis

NYC Nano-Influencers in Health & Wellness

@zobootiful | Zoe Claborn


General information

Topics: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Yoga, Travel

Self intro: “ASU Alumni. Yoga Sculpt Instructor. Health & Wellness Enthusiast. NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach”

Other channels: | Twitter | Pinterest |

Contact details: n/a

Zoe is a compassionate health and wellness nano influencer in NYC dedicated to mental well-being.

With her soothing presence, she addresses topics such as stress management, self-care rituals, and cultivating healthy relationships.

Zoe offers yoga exercises, encourages open conversations about mental health, and promotes a balanced approach to emotional well-being.

Instagram account analysis:

@zobootiful Instagram account analysis

@gabriella.metz | Gabriella Metz


General information

Topics: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Fashion, Recipes

Self intro: “All parts of life! health, positivity, & wellness.”

Other channels: linktr.ee | TikTok | Pinterest

Contact details: n/a

Gabriela is a motivational health and wellness influencer who empowers her audience to conquer their fitness goals.

With Gabriela’s infectious enthusiasm, she shares nutrition tips and personal anecdotes to inspire action.

She encourages a supportive community where individuals uplift one another to achieve their full potential.

Instagram account analysis:

@gabriella.metz Instagram account analysis

@aliyahsims | Aliyah Sims


General information

Topics: Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Fashion, Boxing

Self intro: “Aliyah Sims hails from the Sunshine State, and is known to cheer people on and get them strong! Aliyah is a sweet&sassy fitness instructor with a specialization in boxing and strength. She has turned her passion for fitness and helping others into a career. Aliyah strives to bring light to others in class and in life, as that is what fills her soul. After putting in the work herself and overcoming her childhood trauma, she works actively to advocate for mental health and the benefits of therapy/movement.”

Other channels: linktr.ee | Website

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Aliyah is a nano-influencer in NYC that takes pride in sharing types of content that are all about wellness with her audience.

She believes that a holistic health and wellness approach gives the best results.

And she is someone who embraces a natural and sustainable approach to life.

With her in-depth knowledge of how our bodies function, she guides her followers toward a healthier lifestyle.

Instagram account analysis:

@aliyahsims Instagram account analysis

@alyssa__burns | Alyssa Burns


General information

Topics: Lifestyle, Fitness, Fashion, Travel

Self intro: “Hi! I’m Alyssa Burns, a recent graduate of Montclair State University with my BFA in Musical Theater. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and recently moved from NYC to Chicago. I have a deep passion for travel, health and fitness, mindfulness, fashion, social media, veganism, and the arts. In addition to performing and modeling, I spend most of my time in a workout class, writing for my blog, collaborating with brands as an influencer, and finding new ways to improve myself for not only myself, but for everyone around me..”

Other channels: Website | TikTok | Pinterest

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Alyssa Burns is a health and wellness influencer in NYC for a reason.

Despite being a nano-influencer, her impact on the target audience is impeccable.

Through her thought-provoking content, she inspires her followers to prioritize inner transformation and cultivate a positive mindset.

Alyssa shares strategies for self-improvement and offers guidance on finding purpose and fulfillment.

Instagram account analysis:

@alyssa__burns Instagram account analysis

@dmariept | D Marie


General information

Topics: Lifestyle, Fitness, Travel, Health

Self intro: “Doctor of Physical Therapy,

Special Needs Advocat, Lifestyle Rx for the mind, body & soul.”

Other channels: Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube

Contact details: n/a

D Marie is a remarkable health and wellness influencer who serves as a passionate advocate for individuals with special needs.

Through her platform, she educates and empowers others to create inclusive spaces for all.

D Marie’s holistic approach combines lifestyle prescriptions for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, inspiring a profound transformation.

Instagram account analysis:

@dmariept Instagram account analysis

@ariellegeismar | Arielle Geismar


General information

Topics: Lifestyle, Mental Health

Self intro: “jewess with a lot of energy. hopefully making your day better! mental health advocate / digital wellness🌱 teen vogue 21 under 21”

Other channels: YouTube | Twitter | TikTok

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Arielle is a vivacious health and wellness influencer who brings boundless energy to brighten your day.

As a mental health advocate and digital wellness enthusiast, she empowers others to prioritize self-care and balance in their lives.

Arielle’s infectious positivity and relatable content make her a beacon of inspiration for all.

Instagram account analysis:

@ariellegeismar Instagram account analysis

@bgg2wl | Erika Nicole Kendall


General information

Topics: Training, Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle,

Self intro: Creator, A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss: the oldest Black health & fitness blog on the web!”

Other channels: Website | Twitter | TikTok

Contact details: [emailprotected]

Erika is a trailblazing health and wellness influencer and the creator of “A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, ” the oldest Black health and fitness blog online.

Through her empowering platform, she shares her journey, practical advice, and resources to inspire and support the Black community on their wellness journeys.

Instagram account analysis:

@bgg2wl Instagram account analysis

Final Thoughts on Top Health & Wellness Influencers in NYC

To sum it up, New York City’s health and wellness scene is doing great because of these amazing Instagram influencers.

With their engaging posts and smart tips, they’ve built a community that helps people care more about their health and change their lives for the better.

These influencers do a lot. They talk about exercise and good eating, share ways to stay mentally calm, and teach self-care habits. They’re a big source of motivation and know-how for many people.

They work hard to tell everyone about the benefits of taking care of yourself as a whole, and their message has reached people everywhere.

Whether you’re a healthcare marketing agency seeking brand advocates, or you’re just trying to live healthier, these influencers are a treasure trove of information.

Follow them on Instagram, interact with their posts, and use the insights they offer.

Their skills, personal experiences, and handy advice can help you understand health and wellness better, giving you the power to make good decisions for your body, mind, and heart.

So, jump into the exciting world of NYC’s health and wellness influencers and let them inspire and steer you in the right direction!

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