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UK Influencer Marketing Agency

inBeat influencer marketing agency kickstarts your influencer campaign in the UK, using the best-performing local creators. We work with only the top 2% of content creators, ensuring you get top-quality content to improve your return on investment.

Our team tailors its marketing services to help you meet your KPIs. And then zoom right past them as local UK creators maximize your influencer marketing ROI.

Why choose influencer marketing in the UK?

The UK is a very specific market, home to modern and traditional brands. UK people need social proof and honest reviews before purchasing.

Enter UK influencer marketing.

Done right, this approach optimizes your marketing spend and maximizes your results.

UK influencers know how to attract and convince your local target audience. Compelling content produced by our top performers increases awareness and fast-tracks your conversions.

inBeat’s UK Influencer Marketing Services

Our influencer marketing services in the UK are tailored to your marketing goals, company values, and overall business objectives.

Creating Compelling Content

Compelling content is based on a solid strategy stemming from unique insights into your target market, potential customers, and competitors. Our UK influencer agency produces amazing content that moves the needle because that content is rooted in deep research.

We look at key issues such as:

  • What are the current trends in the UK?
  • What are your UK-based competitors doing, and how can we reverse-engineer your strategy?
  • What counts as relatable, relevant content for your UK audience?


We help you push the acceleration pedal on your influencer marketing efforts.

Our UK micro – influencers and affiliate creators produce compelling content for your local audience. That’s because they know what moves the needle better than international creators.

And our in-house influencer platform only features the top 2% of creators.

That means we can discover professional & successful influencers for your European audience.


Studies show that using social influencers boosts brands’ visibility and reputation on a large scale. But only if you use the right content creators for your market.

An international creator has less knowledge about and less appeal to your UK-based audience. That’s why niche nano influencers and micro influencers in the UK can be a better solution to boost your exposure.

Once you build your reputation in this new market, you will see a boom in organic traffic, searches, and sales.


inBeat agency does paid advertising with a twist. That twist is influencer partnerships.

In a world where people scroll past social media ads, we can make your company stand out with UGC that actually converts.

Side note: UGC can slash CPAs considerably. In our NielsenIQ case study, we cut CPAs by 75% across social networks while skyrocketing app downloads to 100,000+ per month.

Our UK social media influencers can bring you the same results with authentic, scroll-stopping content.

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” Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth.

What Does Our Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

inBeat’s specialty is becoming a trustworthy influencer marketing partner for all our clients.

We tailor our marketing services according to your business goals. And what helps us do that is our long years of experience in the market.

Whether you need start-to-finish influencer marketing campaigns or just influencer outreach, we’re here to help.

Here’s what our relationship can look like:

  • You come to us with your own values, audience, and goals.
  • We perform in-depth market analysis, competitor & audience research, and audit your company.
  • We identify the best-performing strategies to reach your campaign goals and build a creative brief.
  • inBeat’s social media management team performs influencer discovery based on that brief. Remember, you need the best influencers for the strategy – not the other way around.
  • We ensure these local UK influencers produce high-quality content that respects the brief and the deadlines.
  • We monitor your influencer program’s stats in real-time to sleuth out high-performing content and optimize your influencer marketing strategy.
  • We scale your campaign based on these insights, so you can soar past your KPIs and balloon your influencer marketing ROI.

Why numerous brands in the UK choose inBeat:

Clever, data-based strategy

inBeat tailors its results-focused campaign management services to your needs. We help you reach all your goals through effective campaigns.

Influencer management

inBeat handles influencer vetting, outreach, and negotiations with a focus on building relationships with influencers. We ensure your UK influencers produce quantifiable results that surpass your goals on all social platforms.

Customer-centric UGC

Our UK content creators produce relatable UGC that resonates with your target audience in the UK.

Paid media amplification

Refresh your influencer marketing campaign with paid social media ads to increase visibility, optimize for your desired marketing goals, and reach new audiences in the UK.

Vertical scaling

We zero in on the best-performing influencer content and scale your campaign on a broad range of social media platforms.

Results tracking & optimization

We keep track of your influencer campaign’s KPIs, such as CTR, CPA, conversions, audience growth, and more. We then hone the top-performing content your best influencers produce to optimize those metrics and make the most of your marketing budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing in the UK has specific particularities compared to other regions. Getting inside this market can be challenging – but we’re here to offer reliable answers and actionable advice.


What companies have success with influencer marketing in the UK?

Influencer marketing can maximize your advertising efforts regardless of your niche. You just have to choose suitable influencers for your industry, audience profile, and goals. We’ve worked with numerous brands across all niches:

✓ B2B Brands

Direct to Consumer Brands

Mobile Applications

 Consumer-Packaged Goods

What are the most popular influencer marketing platforms in the UK?

The UK’s most popular social media platforms for influencer marketing are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

What are the most popular influencer-generated content types in the UK?

The region’s most popular form of influencer marketing content is B2C sponsored content. However, social media marketers’ main challenge with B2C sponsored content is measuring the results.

That’s why inBeat has honed a system to set and monitor the right KPIs with the right tools. With us, your results will always be visible in real-time.


What are the best types of influencers to work with in the UK?

Nano influencers have a higher average engagement rate, while mega – influencers can generate more awareness. As in any region, macro – influencers with larger follower bases will charge more than nano influencers.

Micro – influencers are somewhere in between, giving you access to a large enough audience that’s optimally engaged. At the same time, their rates are convenient enough to suit most companies.

How much do UK influencers charge?

The rule of thumb is £72 for every 10,000 followers, but the final fee depends on the average engagement rate and content requirements. Here are some rough guidelines:

  • Nano influencers: £125 ­- £250
  • Micro influencers: £250 ­- £1,000
  • Macro influencers: £1,000 ­- £3,000
  • Celebrities: Over £3,000

How can I find the most relevant influencers in the UK?

You can find the most relevant potential influencers in the UK by vetting their profiles.

  • Check stats like engagement rate, comments, and active users.
  • Use a fake follower checker to vet these creator profiles and shortlist legit influencers.
  • Ensure they fit your tone of voice, brand personality, and audience before starting the outreach process.

inBeat takes the hassle out of the research process, saving you hundreds of work hours. Our influencer marketing platform features the top 2% of influencers with the highest engagement rates and professional behaviors.


How Can We Work Together?

Glad you asked. Let’s schedule a free strategy call first.

Our high-performing influencer agency can help you with influencer marketing, paid media, and UGC. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your business goals, tactics, and results you can expect.



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