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inBeat influencer marketing agency builds your campaign from A to Z with top-performing Indonesian influencers. Our agency streamlines your advertising efforts from influencer outreach to creative content and campaign analytics.

Content creators in Indonesia can better promote your brand to local companies. And our network has 25,000+ nano- and micro – influencers to choose from.

Why choose influencer marketing in Indonesia?

Indonesia has a booming economy and is one of the richest G20 nations in Southeast Asia. Things are no different for influencer marketing in Indonesia.

These content creators cover a wide variety of niches, from technology to fitness, gaming apps, beauty, and more. Using their unique insights, these high-performing Indonesian influencers will help you reach the local audience and expand your business.

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Influencer Outreach

Our influencer agency in Indonesia has a wide range of local content creators with deep insights into the Indonesian market. We help you contact relevant influencers according to your marketing goals, focusing on specific issues such as:

What is their engagement rate and follower count?
What type of content works best in your niche?
What content type can convince your audience best?
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Content Creation

Our Indonesian creative agency crafts and optimizes scalable influencer marketing campaigns that move the needle.

Our process starts with qualitative and quantitative market research, competition testing, and audience analysis.

We zero in on your marketing goals and KPIs, build a creative brief, and find the best-performing strategies.

Our spam-free Indonesian influencers create prompt pieces of content that reach your target audience.

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Influencer marketing in Indonesia can boost your awareness considerably, especially if you are targeting a sub-niche.

Using nano-influencers and micro-influencers to promote your social media content boosts your exposure in the local Indonesian market.

Our influencer agency in Indonesia helps you with unique insights and optimized marketing strategies to scale these results.

Creating a flywheel effect on your awareness campaign, your boost in visibility will also translate into a boost in sales.


Social media advertising has become overly saturated. Our influencer agency in Indonesia helps you beat ad fatigue with user-generated content campaigns.

UGC ads have been shown to decrease CPAs, increase watch time, and boost conversions. Here’s an example: we slashed NielsenIQ’s CPAs by 75% by incorporating TikTok ads into our paid media strategy.

Of course, you need an authentic UGC campaign to move the needle. Our Indonesian influencers can produce that raw & high-performing UGC you need to boost your social media advertising.

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"Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth."

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Why choose inBeat as your influencer agency in Indonesia

Comprehensive strategy

Our A-to-Z campaign management services keep your influencer campaign effective and measurable.

Influencer management

Our social media management team handles the influencer outreach process, from vetting to negotiations and follow-ups.

Goal-oriented UGC

We help you expand on the Indonesian market with authentic & relatable UGC for all marketing channels.

Paid media amplification

We optimize your campaign and increase influencer marketing ROI with paid media amplification of your most effective influencer-generated content.

Vertical scaling

We scale up your campaign on all the right social media platforms, comprehensively connecting you with your Indonesian audience.

Measuring & optimization

Our strategy-first Indonesian influencer agency monitors your campaign-related KPIs, from impressions to engagement rate, CPAs, CTR, and more. We leverage all this information to optimize your campaign.

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