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inBeat is a French influencer agency that builds, implements, and optimizes your influencer marketing campaign with the best French influencers. Our creative agency does influencer outreach, paid media amplification, and campaign analytics.

Choosing French influencers gives you a better go on the local market. And our in-house influencer marketing platform allows you to access the top 2% of creators in this market.

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Why choose influencer marketing in France?

France is a rich country with a diverse economy, which reflects on the local influencer marketing landscape. France is home to a wide range of content creators, from nano- and micro – influencers to macro – influencers, and celebrities. These creators help various brands from overseas reach their marketing goals in this market.

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Influencer Outreach

Our influencer agency in France streamlines your influencer outreach process in the French market. Our database of relevant influencers covers different niches and digital advertising goals.

We ensure the creators you’ll work with have zero followers, high engagement rates, and a professional demeanor.

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Our talent management team connects you with the best creators, dealing with influencer identification, outreach, negotiation, and influencer relationships.

inBeat promises a perfect match so your social strategy can produce actual results.

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Social media presence

Influencer marketing in France increases your visibility in the French market more than international creators.

Partnering with local nano influencers and micro – influencers allows you to speak with your target audience on their own level. As such, your social media content becomes more relatable, authentic, and persuasive.

Our influencer agency in France connects you with a community of influencers in the region. They will use their unique insights into French social media users to hone your marketing campaign.


Social media advertising accelerates your marketing efforts, getting you a boost in awareness and conversions.

Our influencer agency in France leverages unique tools like user-generated content to avoid ad fatigue and decrease costs.

Our UGC campaigns build social proof and increase organic traffic at very low costs. For example, we saw a 91% CPA decline in CPAs for on Facebook after incorporating UGC ads in their marketing strategy.

Our French influencers know how to produce this raw, quality content that maximizes your social media advertising efforts.

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"Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth."

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What Does Our Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Our influencer marketing agency in France has worked with various companies and agencies in all niches.We help you reach your marketing goals by organizing tailored influencer marketing campaigns for your needs. Best of all, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager with vast knowledge of the French market.

Our expert team builds a comprehensive influencer strategy beginning with in-depth research.
Using this research, we build personalized and scalable marketing strategies to reach your KPIs.
We find key influencers in France to create authentic content according to these strategies.
Our social media management team keeps track of the entire social media strategy, monitoring content and results.
We zero in on the best-performing pieces of content, honing your influencer marketing program.
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Why choose inBeat as your influencer agency in France

Effective marketing strategy

Our French influencer agency is goal-oriented and performance-driven. Our campaign management services start with a research-backed strategy that moves the needle.

Influencer management

We find highly engaged influencers with zero fake followers, deal with the negotiations and follow-ups, and manage influencer relationships.

Performance-driven UGC

Flourish on the French market with high-performing, relatable UGC that increases your influencer marketing ROI.

Paid media amplification

Our honed whitelisting process increases your awareness on new social media channels.

Vertical scaling

We help your campaign grow by repurposing influencer-generated content on all your social media platforms, websites, and marketing emails.

Campaign reporting and optimization

Our French influencer agency keeps track of all campaign data and KPIs, like CPA, CTR, number of active users, ROI, engagement metrics, and more. We use these variables to hone your strategies and maximize profits.

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