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Brazil is one of the major markets in the digital environment, with countless app developers and emerging apps. Our digital marketing agency helps you get ahead in this busy Brazilian market, skyrocketing your app installs while keeping your CPIs low. inBeat’s unique marketing strategy includes a mix of paid media, influencer marketing, and UGC creation.

Leverage influencer marketing and advertising to get relatable UGC for your app

Other advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro work with influencers. inBeat Agency works with the top 2% of creators in the mobile industry. That means our top-performing influencers will create top-performing content for your brand. Use this relevant content on social media, paid ads, your website, and other marketing channels.

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Engage your audience with personalized messages from our trusted Parisian network of partners

Research indicates that mobile app users value recommendations and reviews more than branded content. Our Parisian mobile marketing agency connects you with esteemed social media influencers in the app and gaming niches, known for their authenticity and resonance with the Parisian target audience. By leveraging these creators’ trust, you can significantly boost your app’s download rates and the number of active users.

Connect with future mobile app users through the voices they trust.

Studies show mobile phone app users trust recommendations and reviews more than branded content. Our social media influencers in the app & gaming niche have your audience’s trust. Therefore, these creators can significantly increase your app download rates and the number of active users.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy with a proven track record of success

Research first

Any solid mobile advertising campaign is based on research. We perform competitor research, audit your company, and build a target persona. We identify your unique selling points and build high-performing strategies.


We look at your audience profile and content angles to shortlist influencers. We ensure these creators have high engagement rates in the mobile device app niche and zero fake followers. Each creator features an email address and employee details if you want to contact them yourself. Otherwise, our advertising and marketing agency deals with onboarding as well.

Content curation

After gaming influencers create the content, we edit and test it. Each piece of content will have numerous variations that we’ll A/B test on all social platforms to find the most effective creatives.

Media buying & Optimization

We use ads to establish your campaign’s standard CPA. Our marketing and advertising team hones the best-performing ads to be increasingly more effective. Repurpose this content in other social media or featured events.

Increase your app store visibility with an optimized boost campaign

Gaming influencers increase your visibility and boost your organic SEO. This results in increased organic searches and traffic in app stores. And that boosts your app higher for more potential users to see.

Search engine optimization and app store optimization work together to improve your conversions.

How Hopper uses UGC as a way to scale TikTok Ads thanks to inBeat Agency.

A scalable content creation process that allows Hopper to tap into top-performing creators.

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Magnify your social media visibility

Mobile content creators understand current social media trends and what makes your audience tick. Their personalized messages on the right advertising channels get the word out to the right audience.

Maximize advertising investments

Influencer-generated content optimizes mobile app spending because it is affordable and can slash your CPAs while reaching mobile users at scale. Our in-demand experts optimize these ads with A/B testing to increase mobile device installs even more.

Boost user retention

More Instagram and TikTok posts don’t just drive awareness on the mobile market. These posts explain how your app works, thus increasing user interaction and customer satisfaction. In turn, this leads to lower unsubscribe rates.

In-depth monitoring

Unlike other advertising agencies, we keep track of your app campaign’s KPIs to find top-performing content. We zero in on that content to optimize your campaign on other social networks. Our marketing services include a detailed report metric that will help you build other successful campaigns in the future.

Why choose inBeat?

More time for important marketing efforts

inBeat has an 80% average reduction in the time spent on content creation, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Optimized mobile ad spending

inBeat saves an average of 65% in mobile advertising spending from content creation and cost-per-install reduction. Use that money you save to build up your campaign on other social media platforms or reach other marketing goals.

See results that matter

inBeat’s average improvement in cross-channel performance is 28%, which ultimately translates into more exposure and conversions.