Global Panel Recruitment Services

We’re connecting your research to quality panelists across borders.

Cost-effective strategies
Speed & scalability
Top-notch quality guaranteed

inBeat is here to solve your panel recruitment challenges

Acquire high-quality participants at the scale you need

Utilizing advanced paid advertising on social platforms, our approach zeroes in on those difficult-to-reach panelists.

Our method ensures that you get only the best and most relevant participants for your studies.

Increase your panel recruitment velocity

By leveraging all ad platforms, we allow you to grow your panels at the speed you want.

We ensure that as we increase the pace of recruitment, the quality of panelists remains top-notch.

Keep your costs under control

Whether you’re looking to recruit a small group or a large  panel, our scalable solutions ensure cost-effectiveness across all  levels.

As your recruitment needs grow, we implement strategies to optimize costs, delivering more value for your investment.

Work on a global scale

Local nuances matter.

We work with copywriters and micro-influencers from any  location to localize your advertising and get your messaging tailored,  relevant, and engaging for each specific market.

Keep your messaging honest

We let you control the messaging so that you don’t end up overpromising.

Our team is always available to collaborate, ensuring that  every ad and every touchpoint with panelists aligns with your brand’s  integrity and values.

Our Comprehensive Panel  Recruitment Strategy

Paid Social

TikTok and Meta ads tailored to attract top-tier panelists.

Paid Search

Reach proactive panelists actively searching for panel opportunities.

Our Panelist Network

Leverage our expansive network to boost your panel recruitment speed and scale.

All Demographics Covered

Recruit panelists from multiple countries, effortlessly.

Targeted Paid Social

Our strategies on platforms like TikTok and Meta are tailored to the nuances of each region.

We create engaging ads that resonate with potential panelists, ensuring a higher response rate.

By understanding regional preferences and behaviors, we’re able to capture the attention of diverse groups effectively.

Strategic Paid Search

Beyond just generic campaigns, our paid search efforts are meticulously crafted.

By targeting specific keywords and phrases that potential  panelists are likely to search for, we ensure our reach is both wide and  relevant.

Our strategies adapt to the changing search behaviors, ensuring consistent results.

Leveraging Our Panelist Network

Our established panelist network is one of our most vital assets.

Spanning multiple countries and demographics, this network  allows us to identify and engage potential panelists who fit precise  criteria quickly.

Continuous engagement with our network ensures that we can readily tap into it when needed.

Cultural Adaptability

Recognizing the importance of cultural nuances, we train our team to be culturally literate.

This ensures our campaigns and engagements are respectful, relatable, and effective, irrespective of the country or region.

Some advantages?

We provide a seamless stream of high-quality visual assets to help you build an authentic online presence.

Save Time

By leveraging our expansive and diverse panelist network, we can rapidly respond to specific recruitment needs.

Whether you’re looking to scale up quickly or tap into niche demographics, our approach guarantees timely and efficient results.

Lower Costs

Our use of platforms like TikTok, Meta, and strategic paid search ensures we reach the right audience at the right time.

This precision targeting minimizes  wastage and boosts the quality of recruited panelists, ensuring you get  a truly representative sample.

Cultural Relevance

Our  emphasis on cultural adaptability and localized communication ensures  our campaigns resonate deeply with potential panelists across borders.

This approach ensures that panelists are genuinely invested, leading to richer and more authentic feedback.

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