Influencer Marketing Agency Toronto

inBeat influencer marketing agency is located in downtown Toronto, the biggest city in Ontario, Canada. Our content creators help you reach the local target audience on all social media platforms to achieve all your marketing goals.

inBeat influencer agency works with the best 2% of nano and micro – influencers in Canada and North America to ensure a perfect match with professional creators.

Is Influencer Marketing Right for Me?

Even some of the biggest brands ask this question. The truth is that an effective influencer marketing strategy can help your business in different ways. The power of influencers lies in content creation, awareness, and sales. Just like other digital marketing strategies, influencer programs are a tool that can solve different problems.

inBeat’s Toronto Influencer Marketing Services

Our full-service influencer marketing agency customizes your influencer campaign with professional marketing services:

Content Production

Influencer campaigns with content strategy as a core function generate genuine content that will drive your digital marketing efforts forward.

Our full-service influencer marketing agency builds enhanced Influencer-Generated Content through a deep analysis of social media conversion principles:

✓ What is converting in your industry?

✓ What is converting in parallel industries?

✓ What has worked well for your brand in the past?



We tap into our expansive network of influencers to find the best affiliate partners for your needs. inBeat influencer marketing company vets social media influencers and performs contract negotiations. We also help you maintain authentic relationships with influencers for future collaborations.

Our industry experts build successful influencer campaigns where consumers directly respond to a call to action via social media. This can include incentivized affiliate programs, email marketing, and content integration.

Our advertising agency creates custom programs for brands that want to utilize the traffic potential of this powerful channel, from a one-off campaign to long-term ambassador programs.


Awareness Lift

Our influencer management agency helps European or Chinese companies looking to break into Montreal with effective micro-influencer marketing campaigns, which are more affordable than traditional mass media.

Micro-influencer marketing campaigns for Toronto companies have shown that targeting a sub-market (i.e., lifestyle influencers of Toronto) makes it easy to obtain pop-culture status with viral content.

A good awareness strategy on social media channels is conceived around the goal of conquering the hearts of a specific cohort. We use our industry experience to limit this cohort geographically and psychographically. Then, we can create a flywheel effect for a given brand in a specific location.



Our renowned influencer marketing agency taps into local influencer communities in Canada and North America to create compelling UGC.

We then produce paid ads using this UGC to power up your digital advertising efforts and reach a larger audience.

This type of UGC reduces your CPAs considerably, promoting audience engagement and increasing conversions. For example, we cut Canadian brand Phone Loops’ CPAs by 40% using this strategy.


inBeat Articles

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” Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth.

What Does Our Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Bonus: An expert influencer marketing manager supervises our full-scale influencer marketing plans to get you the best results.

Here’s how our strategic influencer campaigns go:

  • Our market researchers perform a minute analysis to determine your unique selling proposition and the best-suited strategies for your marketing goals.
  • We build the content guidelines and choose the types of influencers that can produce this strategic brand messaging.
  • We use our proprietary influencer evaluation system and influencer marketing platform to find the perfect influencers for your needs.
  • We perform extensive split testing to optimize message content for ideal audience engagement and conversions.
  • We leverage our market research capabilities to scale your campaign and promote business growth.



Our influencer marketing services allow brands to reach consumers in an organic and authentic way. Micro-influencers are underrated in the influencer scene because their audience size is smaller. However, these creators’ engagement rates zoom past the industry average.

inBeat’s amazing influencer teams help companies scale influencer marketing efforts with these undervalued micro-influencers.


Why choose inBeat as your influencer agency in Toronto

Strategy-oriented services for brands

inBeat is an industry leader that builds comprehensive social media campaigns at lightning speed, using social media personalities who move the needle.

 Talent management

Our micro-influencer marketing agency finds, negotiates, and helps you build long-term relationships with suitable influencers.

Performance-driven UGC

Our marketing firepower is producing UGC that gives your brand an authentic, personal voice. Repurposing UGC ads on your digital marketing channels increases your ROI significantly.

Paid media amplification

We increase social engagement and conversions with targeted paid ads.

Vertical scaling

We grow your campaign on multiple social platforms to enhance awareness, social proof, and sales.

 Reporting & analytics

We track and assess all KPIs across social channels to optimize your campaign. We do monthly check-ins with easy-to-read reports where you can analyze all your stats

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re here and still have questions, let our industry experience be the guide:

What brands use influencer marketing in Toronto?

All brands who want to power up their social media marketing strategy with affordable, highly-engaged creators use influencers. However, Toronto influencers are best for local and overseas companies who want to attract the local market.

How do you build a successful influencer campaign in Toronto?

To build an effective social media influencer marketing campaign, you need to start with thorough research of the Canadian market, audience, and competitors. Choose your mix of influencers only after you have zeroed in on your unique selling proposition and the right creative strategies. And remember to constantly monitor and optimize your campaign.


How much do brands pay for influencers in Toronto?

Influencers in Toronto cost between $100 and $5,000. Nano-influencers product seeding can be cheaper than that, guaranteeing increased engagement rates. However, mega-influencers give you access to a broad audience, although they feature a big-ticket influencer price tag.

Consider your marketing goals, budget, and audience demographics before shortlisting your influencers.

Why hire an influencer marketing agency in Toronto?

A full-service influencer marketing agency like inBeat has a finger on the local pulse. Besides, we partner only with the top 2% of creators in the area who have deep insights into Canadian audiences. These insights help our influencers produce more compelling content for your audience than international creators.


How Can We Work Together?

inBeat is an influencer marketing agency with offices in Toronto and other influential cities worldwide. Our full-service marketing agency specializes in micro-influencer marketing for social media campaigns.

If you’re ready for an impactful campaign, schedule a strategy call with one of our experts. We’ll discuss your goals and power up your social media strategy with micro-influencers.