TikTok Marketing Agency in Paris

Leverage TikTok influencer collaborations for top-performing user-generated content creation that revitalizes your social media strategy. Take advantage of genuine connections with the Paris-based audience to foster trust and drive sales through authentic content.

Maximize ROI with data-driven TikTok influencer marketing initiatives

Experience a comprehensive suite of influencer marketing services tailored for the City of Lights, all under one roof with inBeat:

✓    Quality content creation specifically optimized for conversions on your social channels, catering to the Paris-based audience

✓  Targeted content marketing strategies that emphasize your key performance indicators

  In-depth analytics that highlight the value of your investment in partnering with Parisian influencers

Unroll.me TikTok UGC

Design compelling content with repurposing in mind

Choose a Paris-based influencer marketing agency that prioritizes creativity and meticulously chooses your Parisian micro-influencers. Your advertising campaign will showcase your product in an authentic and relatable setting with inventive content production tailored to the Parisian audience. You can easily repurpose this content across diverse social media campaigns or advertising channels.

Initiate a TikTok campaign tailored to achieve your business goals

✓  Influencer-generated content exhibiting a solid brand connection on this social network

✓   Engaging content that highlights your unique selling proposition

  In-depth analytics demonstrating the impact of your investment

✓   Custom direct-response sponsored content aimed at boosting sales

✓   Marketing plans for TikTok and other social media channels

Unlock effortless TikTok ad management with our team of experts

Our full-service influencer marketing agency in Paris has empowered businesses across numerous industries, including mobile apps, e-commerce, and consumer packaged goods, to amplify their TikTok ad campaigns.

Your digital marketing efforts will succeed if you pick the right experts.

We will make your campaign a success story by leveraging TikTok’s advertising platforms and trends, guiding Parisian influencers towards an outstanding hook rate, lower CPA, and higher ROAS.

And we do all that while complying with brands’ creative briefs.

Scale Your Brand’s TikTok Marketing Program

Let our team of TikTok Marketing experts handle everything for you →

✓   Identify, vet and collaborate with TikTok micro-influencers

✓   Leverage our relationships with 30,000+ micro-influencers

✓   Brainstorm and organize authentic product placement

✓   Scale your TikTok advertising campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a TikTok marketing agency?

Influencers generate awareness, enhance social proof, and are excellent for public relations. But finding the right creators and performing community management can be challenging.

You need a top-tier influencer agency based in Paris with a generous network of influencers. You also need an agency specializing in leveraging creativity and technical know-how to deliver results.

inBeat is your best bet when it comes to your entire social media marketing process.

You will get maximized brand awareness, ROI, and conversions through micro-influencers across a wide range of social media platforms (not just TikTok).

What can inBeat do for me?

We pride ourselves on partnering with only the most talented creators to ensure our clients avoid costly mistakes, save time, and achieve their key metrics. Working with an established agency like ours offers the following benefits:

  • Access to a wealth of data from over 30,000 paid micro-influencer collaborations to inform the development of an ROI-driven TikTok campaign.
  • Customized development of a TikTok influencer campaign designed to drive engagement for your business.
  • Relief of creative burdens from your in-house team, allowing them to focus on priorities. We handle your TikTok social advertising strategy from start to finish, including timelines, contracts, and communication.
What services do you offer?

inBeat digital agency offers you:

  • Creative content marketing strategies
  • Entertaining content creation
  • Access to a wide network of perfect influencers with a high engagement rate on TikTok and other social platforms
  • Social media advertising strategy and ads creation
  • App store optimization
  • Talent management by a passionate team
  • Campaign execution and monitoring
  • Scaling content on multiple social media channels, such as email marketing

Choose inBeat, and your future campaigns will benefit from increased video views, interactions, and, ultimately, sales.

How much does TikTok marketing cost in Paris?

The cost of TikTok marketing in Paris depends on a wide range of factors, such as the size and reach of the influencer, the campaign length, the influencer management process, influencer strategies, and desired outcomes.

In general, TikTok marketing costs in Paris can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

However, this social media marketing strategy is a worthwhile investment because it generates a strong return on investment. It’s best to discuss your specific needs and goals with a Paris-based full-service influencer marketing agency like inBeat to determine the costs involved in creating and executing an effective campaign.

What brands does the inBeat agency work with for TikTok marketing?

inBeat has created top-notch TikTok content strategies for a wide range of brands, including mobile apps, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and luxury markets. We specialize in working with Parisian micro-influencers, and we avoid celebrity collaborations, as creators with smaller audience sizes consistently achieve better results.

Will TikTok influencer marketing work for my brand?

Whether TikTok influencer marketing will work for your brand depends on various factors, including your target audience, marketing objectives, and budget.

Still take into account that:

  • TikTok is a rapidly growing social media platform with a particularly strong presence among younger audiences, making it an ideal platform for brands targeting Gen Z and millennials.
  • Powering your digital strategies with TikTok influencer marketing boosts brand awareness, audience engagement, and conversions.

If your brand wants to reach a younger audience and increase engagement, TikTok influencer marketing could be a viable option. It’s always best to discuss your specific needs and goals with a Paris-based TikTok marketing agency to determine if TikTok influencer marketing fits your brand.

How do you create effective TikTok social strategies?

You need thorough research and results-driven planning to create an effective social strategy on TikTok. Unlike other influencer marketing agencies, we never propose a strategy without doing all the research – from your past performance to your target audience and competitors.

What makes inBeat different than other influencer agencies?

First, inBeat has a unique, results-driven approach to influencer marketing based on thorough research and extensive testing. We improve your ads campaign by constantly testing ad performance to zero in on your best creatives and reach your campaign objectives.

We also work with the best 2% of influencers with top-notch audience quality and engagement.

And finally, we’re an affordable, full-service marketing agency that will help you with relevant business consulting and targeted plans to reach your business objectives.

How do you measure the success of TikTok marketing campaigns?

We keep track of a wide range of metrics, such as views, likes, comments, shares, and sales. But that’s not all; we tap into these insights to optimize your strategies and create highly effective influencer campaigns that help you reach the results you’re after.