Mobile Marketing Agency in Paris

At inBeat, we understand the power of influencer marketing for mobile app promotion on all marketing channels. Our full-service agency powers your content marketing strategy with content creators that lower CPAs and CPCs. With us, you will find innovative, ROI-boosting ways to promote your mobile applications to a young Parisian audience.

Leverage influencer marketing and advertising to obtain authentic UGC for your app

Unlike other advertising agencies in Paris, inBeat Agency collaborates with the top 2% of creators in the mobile industry, including elite Parisian influencers. Our vetted micro-influencers generate exceptional content for your brand, creating persuasive marketing campaigns. Harness this captivating content across various marketing channels, including social media, paid ads, and your website.

Engage your audience with personalized messages from our trusted Parisian network of partners

Research indicates that mobile app users value recommendations and reviews more than branded content. Our Parisian mobile marketing agency connects you with esteemed social media influencers in the app and gaming niches, known for their authenticity and resonance with the Parisian target audience. By leveraging these creators’ trust, you can significantly boost your app’s download rates and the number of active users.

Experience-driven success with our mobile app marketing strategy

Research first

A robust social media campaign begins with thorough research. That’s what our digital marketing agency in Paris guarantees for your company. Your social media marketing strategy will be based on a thorough competitor analysis, company audit, and target research. By pinpointing your unique selling points before the creative process begins, we craft high-performing strategies tailored to the Paris market.

Influencer onboarding

Based on your audience profile and content angles, we shortlist suitable influencers with high engagement rates in the mobile app niche and no fake followers. Each creator’s contact information is available for independent communications, or you can rely on our agency to handle the onboarding process.

Content marketing creation and curation

Once the gaming influencers produce content, we edit and test it, creating multiple variations for A/B testing on social platforms. This post – production process ensures that the most effective creatives are identified for your advertising & marketing campaign.

Media buying & optimization

Our media buying approach establishes a standard CPA for your campaign. The marketing and advertising team refines the best-performing ads to enhance their effectiveness further. Repurpose this content across social media platforms or for use in featured events, amplifying your presence within the Parisian market.

Proven Ways to Increase Your App Downloads and Outrank Competitors

Elevate your app store visibility with an optimized boost campaign.

Our Parisian gaming influencers boost your visibility and organic SEO, leading to increased organic searches and traffic in app stores. As a result, your app rises in rankings, becoming more accessible to potential users. Search engine optimization and app store optimization are essential for your marketing process, improving your conversion rates considerably.



Amplified social media presence

Mobile content creators are well-versed in current social media trends and know how to engage your target audience, creating interactive experiences. By crafting personalized messages on the right advertising channels, they effectively reach the Parisian market. That’s why you need an app marketing services provider with an expert team to find and maintain relationships with your network of partners.

Optimized advertising investments

Influencer-generated content is a cost-effective mobile marketing strategy, reducing CPAs while reaching mobile users on a large scale. Our sought-after international team employs A/B testing to optimize these ads to guarantee killer experiences that boost installs.
Kripparrian Instagram Engagement Rate

Improved user retention

More Instagram and TikTok posts don’t just raise awareness in the mobile market. They also explain how your app functions, promoting memorable user experiences, and subsequently leading to lower unsubscribe rates. The best influencers (like the ones from inBeat) will turn your application peculiarities and business challenges into opportunities.

In-depth monitoring

We help you with more than just the app marketing strategy execution. Unlike other advertising agencies, our mobile app marketing agency monitors your app campaign’s KPIs to identify top-performing content. You need a passionate team like ours to focus on this content and optimize your campaign across other social networks. Our business service includes a detailed report metric that will help you build successful campaigns in the future based on effective communications.

Why Choose inBeat, the leading mobile marketing agency?


Work with the very bestest

Our proprietary technology guarantees your mobile & app marketing strategy is powered by the top 2% of influencers.

More time for essential marketing efforts

inBeat’s business service has been known to reduce the time spent on content creation by 80%. This frees up your resources to focus on other inspired marketing tasks within the Parisian market.

Optimized mobile ad spending

InBeat helps save an average of 65% on mobile advertising spending through efficient content creation and cost-per-install reduction. Reinvest the savings to expand your campaigns on other social media platforms or achieve additional marketing objectives.

Experience results that matter

Our full-service digital marketing agency in Paris boasts an average 28% improvement in cross-channel performance. This will help you stand apart from analog applications, which translates into increased exposure and conversions for your brand in the Parisian market.