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inBeat is a leading full-service influencer marketing agency serving brands across North America and beyond, helping them reach their goals.

We know how to leverage creative talent to create successful social media campaigns with our vast network of over 25,000 social influencers.

Stand out from the crowd and reach your target market with a scalable influencer campaign featuring impactful storytelling and authentic content.

4 Reasons to Choose inBeat
As Your Florida Influencer Agency

By working with us, you get a tailored influencer marketing campaign that is:


Inclusion is a big part of our work; our social influencer network consists of talented content creators from all backgrounds. Discover our wide range of LGBTQIA+, Body Plus, and BIPOC influencers.


We have solutions for your ambitions. Our flexibility and experience with a wide range of brands can accommodate your marketing goals, big or small. Work with the best influencers and reach out to your desired audiences across one or many social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or YouTube.


We guarantee your satisfaction with our data-driven campaign tracking. See concrete results and reach your target KPIs thanks to our deep knowledge of the influencer industry.

We track key metrics of content production, such as visual appeal, topic authority, audience size, and social engagement rate, to precisely measure the campaign results and adjust our content strategy along the way.


Get some peace of mind while we take care of your entire influencer marketing campaign. Our team handles everything, from finding the perfect influencers to managing relationships with influencers and evaluating the campaign. In the meantime, we keep you in the loop and consider your feedback to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Plus, since you’ll own the rights to the created content, you can reuse the influencers’ work for your next advertising campaign or on many social media channels.

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” Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be challenging to select the right influencer marketing agency to work with. Here are some questions that people frequently ask to help you better understand our influencer marketing service. Let our experience guide you!

What brands use influencer marketing?

Almost any kind of company can run a successful influencer marketing campaign, not just the biggest brands. Social media marketing can benefit pretty much any type of business when done right. This is why working with a digital agency can help you shape your influencer strategy to maximize results. In the past, we’ve taken care of content creation, digital marketing and influencer campaigns for companies such as:

✓ B2B Brands
✓ Direct to Consumer Brands
✓ Mobile Applications

Why hire a Miami Influencer Marketing Agency?

Hiring an influencer agency will help you systemize the social media marketing process. Influencer marketing experts will help you deploy the right data-driven strategies to reach your target audience through engaging content on social networks. Discover why inBeat is a leader in influencer marketing in North America with our FL service.
Influencer strategies come in many flavors, which vary based on the social platform, the content type, and the influencer’s audience (nano, micro, macro, celebrities).

We walk through your campaign goals and branding to select the best options for your content strategy in our network of influencers.
Branded social media content is the future of digital marketing, but it has to be executed well. By working with an established full-service influencer marketing agency, you get peace of mind and tangible results.

Can I use influencer-generated content in my advertising?

Yes, you can. It is even recommended to make sure you are maximizing your influencer marketing campaign. Using suitable influencers for your advertising campaign works wonders and will save your team some precious time.

How much does Instagram influencer marketing cost?

This answer varies a lot. Celebrity influencers will charge you big bucks to collaborate with them, which is not the best choice if you want a good return on investment on your social campaigns.
We pride ourselves on building cost-effective influencer relationships for your brand. Micro-influencers can endorse products for less money, create quality content and they have better audience engagement, which usually transfers to higher conversion rates. This type of social media influencer partnership is an excellent choice for your social media strategy, as it is budget-efficient and ROI-driven. Plus, it gives your brand social proof.
We tailor each campaign to your brand’s unique goals, so pricing varies. Our full-service agency takes care of your social strategy and finds the perfect influencers for your brand. Your investment includes end-to-end creative direction, influencer management, collaboration costs, and influencer fees.


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