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inBeat is a full-service influencer agency that serves companies with a strong US-based presence.

We know how to leverage creative talent to create successful social media campaigns with our network of over 25,000+ content creators.

Is influencer marketing in Los Angeles right for me?

Influencer marketing is effective in expanding the reach and engagement rate of your brand’s message, especially if you want to target a specific location.

We collaborate with top LA influencers to help brands stand out from the crowd, reach their target market and increase awareness across all channels that matter.

Content Creation

We build enhanced influencer-generated content through a deep understanding of social media conversion fundamentals.

We ask specific questions such as:

What is converting across your market?
What is converting in parallel markets?
What content has performed for you in the past?
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Social Selling

Direct-response influencer marketing is underused.

We help our customers connect with Los Angeles micro-influencers as affiliate partners who actively promote their products or services using social media channels.

We also create unique campaigns targeted toward a very specific demographic that result in more sales.

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We know that micro-influencer marketing campaigns for LA companies that target a sub-niche (e.g. Gen Z Yoga influencers in LA) acquire pop-culture status with less work.

To build a strong awareness strategy, we must think of how we can win a specific market segment.

Limiting this cohort geographically, demographically, and psychographically is how we create a network effect on social media channels for online brands.

Working with digital LA influencers enables you to target identified engaged audiences, effortlessly.

Guaranteed Results

We are an experienced influencer agency with a collaborative team of professionals behind.

Our team comprises experienced marketers who have mastered the top digital media companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and more!

We work with brands and agencies to create campaigns that drive engagement, sales, leads, and brand awareness for our clients.

Each of our campaigns is supervised by a senior strategist, which has the industry experience required to help you get the best results.

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We have cut Phone Loop’s (a Canadian brand) CPA by 40% using enhanced Influencer-Generated Content.

LA-based influencer campaigns with content creation as the main goal are a great way to create genuine product content from social media influencers that will drive your other digital marketing channels forward.

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"Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth."

J.P Rousseau

CEO, PhoneLoops

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What Does Our LA InfluencerMarketing Agency Do?

We help brands connect with underappreciated micro-influencers across different social media platforms. We work with influencers on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Byte, etc.Each of our campaigns is coordinated by a senior social media strategist with deep industry knowledge. We help you reach your target KPIs and maximize your return on investment.

inBeat influencer marketing agency helps businesses from any industry in any country. We track key metrics such as visual appeal, topic authority, audience size, and audience engagement to precisely measure the campaigns’ results.

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