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Boost your influencer marketing campaign with micro – influencers that can produce authentic content on all social media platforms. Our agency performs influencer outreach and creates effective social media marketing strategies for your influencer campaign.

Our network of 25,000+ social influencers has worked with some of the biggest brands on a wide range of social campaigns, increasing conversions and awareness dramatically.

Is influencer marketing in London right for me?

Our network of influencers in London helps you attract the local target audience on social media platforms. Effective influencer campaigns with London-based content creators will improve your brand exposure, credibility, and sales.

inBeat digital marketing agency partners with the top 2% of social media influencers who create quality content according to brief and respect all deadlines.

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Content Production

Our influencer agency has an in-house team of content marketing experts who help you reach a wide range of advertising goals. Our creative strategy for social channels starts from in-depth research based on three pillars:

Industry research
Competitor analysis
Company audit

Our dedicated team builds a creative brief based on these insights to produce top-performing content that smashes your marketing goals.

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Our talent management team connects you with the best creators, dealing with influencer identification, outreach, negotiation, and influencer relationships.

inBeat promises a perfect match so your social strategy can produce actual results.

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We find suitable influencers who increase your exposure on social platforms, increasing desire and building social proof.

inBeat’s high-quality influencer services connect brands with influencers to increase visibility in different market segments.

Our social media management strategy starts by finding creators with high influencer engagement rates. We then supervise content production, edit, and optimize for a seamless experience.


Our full-service influencer marketing agency leverages user-generated content ads.  We create these ads using genuine content produced by our hero influencers.

These high-quality UGC ads improve your digital influencer marketing efforts, considerably reducing costs and ad fatigue.

For example, we cut CPAs by 75% across social channels for NielsenIQ and 40% for Phone Loops.

You, too, can reap the benefits of influencer marketing by incorporating it into your paid media strategy.

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"Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth."

J.P Rousseau

CEO, PhoneLoops

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What Does Our Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Our influencer marketing agency does influencer strategy development and manages relationships with influencers.

We use our industry knowledge and proficient analytics tools to perform market, competitor, and audience analysis.
We build a creative brief and decide on the best influencer marketing strategy. An experienced creative director supervises the entire process.
We use our influencer marketing platform to find nano and micro influencers that can produce high-class content according to the brief.
We perform content tracking and offer social media management services.
We find the best-performing pieces of content and optimize your entire influencer marketing process to generate authentic brand engagement.
We produce in-depth reporting to track your growth goals.

Why choose inBeat as your influencer agency in London

Result-oriented strategy

Our A-to-Z campaign management helps you reach niche audiences on all social media channels, achieving all your commercial goal

Talent management

Our influencer talent agency features a range of services including finding, vetting, and pitching your social media gurus.

Performance-driven UGC

Our influencer community in London produces quality UGC for a variety of niches and channels like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Leverage this cultural influence to increase your visibility and sales.

Paid media amplification

Our house production team whitelists influencer content and maximizes your campaign results with paid media.

Vertical scaling

inBeat marketing professionals scale up creative ideas and grow them on various channels to produce industry-leading results.

Reporting & analytics

We save you countless hours of work by zeroing in on the most effective strategies and talented creators. These memorable campaigns come with detailed reports so you can hone your future influencer marketing campaigns.

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How can you partner with London influencers?

Why hire an influencer agency in London?