Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

Get  a measurable ROI from Instagram influencer marketing.

Drive ROI with Data-Driven Instagram Influencer Marketing

✓  Create conversion-optimized collaborations

✓  Develop creative campaigns to build your brand’s goodwill

  Work with Instagrammers based on their audience demographics

Create Engaging, Authentic Content You Can Repurpose

We approach creativity with care, and we pick our micro-influencers accordingly. We let our creators be true to their style; our focus is on positioning your product in a convincing and relatable setting.


Launch an Instagram Campaign Featuring:

✓  Instagram content by the right influencers with the right audience

✓   Educative content displaying your Unique Selling Proposition

  Sponsored direct-response collaborations to grow your brand

Scale Your Brand’s Instagram Influencer Program

Let our team of experts handle everything for you →

✓   Identify, vet and collaborate with Instagram micro-influencers

✓   Brainstorm and deploy authentic product placements

✓   Leverage our relationships with 13,000+ micro-influencers on Instagram

” Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth.

Why should I work with an Instagram Influencer Agency? is a leading influencer marketing agency with synergy from both the creative and technical world. We know how to drive ROI, optimize conversion rates, and drive long-term, lasting results through our huge network of Instagram influencers. As one of our clients, you get access to all of this knowledge.

Our track record will save you the time of costly mistakes; we handle your entire campaign, including timelines, contracts, content creation and communications.

 Partnering with gives you:

  •  Access to performance data from 13,000+ paid collaborations with micro-influencers
  • A structured Instagram influencer marketing strategy that drives engagement for your business
  • More free time for your team to work on what matters. 

How much does Instagram influencer marketing cost?

Each campaign is tailored to your brand’s unique goals, so pricing varies. We pride ourselves on building cost-effective influencer relationships for your brand.

We know that micro-influencer marketing is budget-efficient and ROI-driven, as these types of influencers are a great choice for your social media marketing.

Your investment includes end-to-end creative direction, influencer management, collaboration costs, and influencer fees.

What type of brands does inBeat help with Instagram influencer programs?

Our clients range from mobile applications to DTC, all the way to nonprofits. We work strictly with micro-influencers, and we don’t execute celebrity collaborations, as we consistently witness better results with smaller creators.

Will Instagram influencer marketing work for my brand?

Instagram offers a good opportunity for any influencer marketing campaign. You can drive sales, create relatable content assets, and grow your social media following through this one strategy. We are connecting brands with a wide range of authentic influencers to help them bloom on social networks and reach their target demographics.

No matter your niche, we can help you find relevant influencers for your target audience on many social media platforms. We tailor our Instagram influencers strategies around KPIs, and we leverage our industry expertise to get the most out of your campaign.

What is a micro-influencer on Instagram?

We qualify a micro-influencer as anyone with a following of 5,000 to 30,000 followers. Social influencers within this audience size have a lower average cost and higher engagement rates than those with a massive audience.

We scope social media influencers by their engagement rates and their audience authenticity because those are the two factors that drive a strong ROI.

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