Influencer Marketing Agency New York

inBeat influencer marketing agency helps businesses and brands in NYC, New York, USA.

Our digital experts have built 16,000+ collaborations between micro-influencers and exclusive brands from different sectors such as DTC, mobile apps, and more.. 

Get the most out of micro-influencer marketing for your business. Creative and engaging content on social media that helps you slash your ROI and get more sales.

Is Influencer Marketing Right for Me?

Very good question. Different types of goals can be reached thanks to influencer marketing: Content Creation, Awareness & Sales.  It is a digital marketing channel, a tool you can use to get through different challenges.

Content Creation

Influencer campaigns focused mainly on content creation are the best way to create genuine product endorsement that will drive your other digital marketing channels forward.

Here is an example:

We have cut Phone Loop’s (a Canadian brand) CPA by 40% using enhanced Influencer-Generated Content

We build enhanced Influencer-Generated Content through a deep understanding of social media conversion fundamentals. We ask specific questions such as:

✓   What is converting across your niche?

✓   What is converting in similar markets?

  What content type has had success for you in the past?


We know that micro-influencer marketing campaigns for NYC brands that target a sub-niche (e.g. Gen Z Fitness influencers in NYC) thrive on social media.

Building a good awareness strategy will only get done by thinking how to win specific market segments. Limiting this squadron psychographically, and geographically, we can create a Flywheel effect on any type of niche market.


Direct-response influencer marketing is neglected way too often. We help brands connect with micro-influencers as affiliate partners.

What Do We Do?

We help brands collaborate with underappreciated micro-influencers on different platforms. We have a network of influencers across TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Byte, etc.

Each of our campaigns is managed by a social media strategist expert with industry experience. Reach your target KPIs with inBeat Agency.

Any industry is a good fit with our strategic playbook.

How Can We Work Together?

We are an influencer marketing agency with offices in NYC We specialize in micro-influencer marketing.

If you’re interested in working with us, book a strategy call with one of our experts. We will take a look at how micro-influencers fit in your current social media marketing and digital marketing as a whole.