Highschool Advertising

We help make your brand part of teenagers’ everyday lives, through micro-influencers and community leaders across North America.

Student Influencer Marketing

Reach Generation Z with an influencer-centric approach.

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inBeat Agency has access to a vast student micro-influencer network and a robust highschool advertising network. Make your brand a key part of students’ daily lives.

High-School Advertising

Leverage access to our high school ad network. Make your message part of your prospective students’ everyday life.

Student Influencers

Turn top student-athletes, artists, or leaders into brand ambassadors for your organization..

Digital Advertising

Empower your marketing with a holistic digital marketing approach that puts the student at the center of your marketing efforts.

GenZ is Different

Gen-Z doesn’t trust traditional ads. Additionally, 70% of teens trust micro-influencers more than they trust celebrities.



Gen-Z awareness through student leaders and athletes


Leverage micro-influencers from all over the world to create ads tailored to each country

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