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The gaming industry is soaring with 3.22 billion gamers. inBeat helps you break through the noise with a solid digital marketing strategy and trustworthy gaming influencers your target audience heeds.

Move the Needle with Top-Notch UGC through Gaming Influencers

Gaming influencers are followed by between 9% and 20% of the world’s population, depending on the region. Men between 18 and 34 are also the most likely to follow gamers. And gaming-related content has reached past the 1 billion views benchmark.

High-quality gaming content helps you pierce the competition.

And partnerships with content creators can help you with top-notch UGC:

Gaming influencers are trustworthy

Gaming content creators produce UGC about gaming on a regular basis. They play in live streams for 8+ hours each day. Their loyal audiences are like family.

And they’re also your target audience.

So, address that audience through the voice of someone they trust.

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Gaming influencers produce in-depth content

Gaming products need more in-depth presentations because they’re more high-tech and expensive. Besides, gamers are a picky bunch.

Luckily, key micro influencers in gaming can solve this issue.

Playing popular video games for 8-10+ hours daily in front of a captive audience gives gaming influencers lots of time to discuss your products.

Gaming creators know your audience

Spending so much time online with your target audience gives social media influencers a way inside their minds. Besides, these gamers also know all the current trends in the gaming industry. These insights will power up your gamer influencer marketing strategy, increasing your average conversion rate.
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Implement a Results-Driven Gaming Campaign

inBeat plans and implements successful video game influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. Our MO has helped numerous gaming brands achieve their marketing goals.

1. Research

Our gaming influencer agency conducts in-depth research to determine the best strategy for your needs. We analyze your competitors, audit your company and find your target persona based on in-depth audience demographics
We tap into those insights to identify the unique selling proposition that gives you a competitive edge
Then, we zero in on the most convincing content angles to underline that unique selling point.

2. Influencer Sourcing and Outreach

inBeat finds the perfect influencers for your campaign goals and audience type. Our influencer marketing platform features the top 2% of gaming influencers.
We ensure these gaming creators have engaged audiences and no fake followers. We build a list of influencers who can produce positive content on the right social media channels.

3. Content Curation

We collect and edit the content produced by your gaming influencers. We split-test multiple variations and monitor your campaign to find the highest-performing pieces of content.

4. Paid Ads & Optimization

We power up your content strategy with paid ads on multiple social platforms. UGC-based ads featuring influencers significantly decrease cost per install and reduce ad fatigue.
As a result, your gaming app will see more downloads and active users at a lower cost per acquisition.

Boost Campaigns for App Store Optimization

inBeat conducts in-depth App Store Optimization and Play Store Optimization campaigns. Influencers will increase your visibility and incentivize your target audience to download your app.

These marketing efforts will boost your app store ranking, getting more organic traffic to your app. As a result, your gaming app will dominate the trending app page in no time.

Increased Exposure

Gaming influencers leverage trends and their knowledge about your gaming audience. As a result, they skyrocket your visibility and reputation across social media channels, accelerating your game’s organic searches. In turn, this increases your average conversion rate considerably.

Optimized User Acquisition

Our team of industry experts fine-tunes your user acquisition efforts through in-depth A/B testing following key performance indicators. Besides, entertaining content from gaming influencers decreases your CPIs and boosts your mobile games’ installs.

That’s how you decrease useless expenses and accelerate the ones that matter.

More Active Users

We help your gaming app dominate the trending page by increasing user retention considerably. Our expert influencers explain your game and create desire for it through personalized messages. As a result, more new users will remain active inside your app.

Thorough Reports

inBeat expert team monitors your campaign and produces in-depth reports. You can analyze your influencers marketing efforts to scale and optimize all your future campaigns.

What Makes inBeat Different

Lightning Fast

Our extensive experience in influencer marketing has helped us save up to 80% in content creation time across customers..

Optimized Marketing Budget

Our influencer marketing agency saves an average of up to 65% of your total costs through optimized content creation and decreased ad fatigue.

Better Performance

Our database of influencers features the top 2% of creators. Therefore, our influencer programs have an average improvement of 28% for cross-channel performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a game influencer?

A gaming influencer is a real person who plays games live on gaming platforms. They also discuss gaming-related matters on several social media sites. Most such influencers do extensive live streaming and game reviews.

What channels do gaming influencers mostly use?

The social media platforms where gaming influencers live-stream include YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. Many gaming influencers have considerable followings on Instagram and TikTok. Incorporate these channels in your gaming influencer marketing campaigns for top results. 

How do gamers get paid?

Gaming sponsorships are the main form of payment in these influencer collaborations. These sponsorships entail sharing a discount code and affiliate link to every influencer. You then conduct major tracking of your game sales to see which influencer performed better.

You can also pay gaming influencers per post or video as they create in-depth reviews or unboxings. Either way, the point is to focus on fair payouts for optimum influencer relationships.

Who are the biggest gaming influencers?

The biggest gaming influencers in 2023 include SSSniperWolf, SeaNanners, and Ali-A. Rdu, Mbextreme, and Valkyrae are also prominent figures with a high level of engagement.

inBeat can help you discover and contact mobile game influencers for your advertising campaigns. Their engagement levels zoom past the average engagement rate in the industry. That means they can sway your audience’s purchasing decisions, increasing your sales.

How can I promote my gaming industry?

A well-honed gaming strategy includes video content and interactive elements. However, the power of influencer marketing is following a customer-centric approach, ensuring your content responds to your followers’ needs.