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Drive Growth While Creating Content for Your DTC Brand

Tap into micro-influencers to increase your ROAS while building your brand recognition.

Get your DTC brand endorsed by top influencers in your niche

inBeat Agency works with a vetted network of micro-influencers to get your products in the hands of the top 1% content creators of your niche. Make your product stand out on social media while creating top-notch content, thanks to collaborations with people who have mastered those channels.

Generate content that suits your DTC brand

Get the most out of your paid media with UGC at scale

Repurpose UGC content made through your influencers’ collaborations on TikTok ads and Meta Ads. User-generated content outperforms studio content thanks to its genuine approach.

TikTok and Instagram marketing for DTC brands

TikTok and Instagram are the highest sources of profit for online brands and e-commerce. Thanks to inBeat Agency, your DTC brand will maximize its exposure on those social media channels.

A marketing playbook with a solid track record

Influencers Selection

Our discovery team hand-picks and vets the top 1% of social media creators in your niche that fit your persona.

Content Creation

Our network of influencers creates content to promote your product. Your brand has full rights to repurpose the assets created.

Paid Media Optimization

Our paid media specialists manage your ads on TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat. Doubling down on the top performing assets to ensure a maximized ROAS.

How Prose Creates Top-Performing UGC for their ads on an ongoing basis

Increased word-of-mouth

We guide our influencers into creating product placements that stand out and break through the noise.

Cost-Effective UGC at Scale

Content is your highest leverage point when it comes to paid advertising. Leverage our vetted creators and our conversion experts to create content that drives sales.

Boost your ROAS and Reduce your CPAs

We keep a conversion-focused approach to our influencer marketing. The visuals our creators produce typically slash CPAs by anywhere from 20% to 80%.

Some advantages?

Save Time

80% Average Reduction in content creation time

Lower Costs

65% Content Creation Savings & General reduction in Cost-Per-Acquisition

Better Revenue

28% Average improvement in cross-channel performance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTC in marketing?

DTC refers to Direct to Consumer, a broad term to unify all the companies selling products directly to their customers without using third-party retailers. Most DTC brands also are e-commerce brands.

What’s a good marketing strategy for DTC brands?

Most DTC brands sell a big part of their products online. A bullet-proof digital marketing strategy involving all channels is a must. SEO should be a big part of it, as well as social media marketing and email marketing.

Does micro-influencer marketing work for DTC brands?

From our experience working with several DTC brands, influencer marketing is an excellent way to not only generate sales but also create UGC content at scale, that performs very well on paid media platforms.

How does a DTC/D2C digital strategy differ from any other brand’s digital strategy?

DTC brands are heavily reliant on their products’ promise and perceived value. Working with influencers to endorse those products visually is an amazing way to create top-performing content on social media channels.

Why should I hire a DTC advertising agency?

DTC advertising agencies have already mastered your next digital marketing strategy. Experiences have been gathered from different DTC projects, and most agencies already have a bullet-proof marketing solution for your DTC brand.


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