Get More Sales Through Influencer Marketing and UGC

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Boost your Consumer-Packaged Goods Marketing through product  reviews, testimonials and repurposable content thanks to  micro-influencers collabs. Convert your followers into customers with  highly-engaging content strategies on social media.

Create Lasting Product Demand

CPG is a crowded market where your brand has to use every effort  to stand out. High-quality products are a start, but increasing  perceived value is a must if you want your brand to create lasting  product demand. Micro-influencer marketing is an effective way of  heavily promoting any household product in an authentic way.

Make your brand stand out on social media with engaging content

Getting good content to promote your brand is challenging and  expensive. inBeat Agency’s solutions turn those challenges into  opportunities. Thanks to influencer marketing, you get new content at  scale:

Product reviews
Product Testimonials
TikTok and Instagram content

Generate Brand Loyalty and Interaction Through Genuine Brand Experience

There has been a radical shift in the consumers’ perception of  advertising. Creative agencies adapt to this by finding ways of getting  genuine content for your brand. Micro-Influencers are a game-changer as  they fit your target audience and create authentic reviews and content.

Capture Millenials and Gen Z’s attention early in their consumer life stage

Millenials have overtaken Boomers as America’s largest generation.  Millenials and Gen Z also are the generations the most exposed to  social media and adopting new customer journeys. Capture new customers’  attention towards your brand with highly engaging content on TikTok,  Snapchat and Instagram.

Create Multicultural and Personalized Content at Scale.

Create highly diversified and personalized content at scale thanks to hundreds of UGC collaboration.

How Soylent Drove Awareness to Their New Product Line.gency.

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Boost Online Shopping ROI at Scale

With more and more competition for shelf space in retail stores, online shopping is a great channel for consumer brands, and marketers should view that as an opportunity. Thanks to inBeat’s Content Marketing Strategy, you will get the right content and message to promote your brand online.

Get Your Marketing Campaigns to Work Together

Your marketing efforts should be working with one another. Our data-driven marketing approach helps your brand get the best content so you can repurpose it to your PPC campaigns, website and other digital marketing media to maximize your marketing efficiency.

Increase Brand Awareness, Boost Retail Sales

Our solution will boost foot traffic and visits to Retail Media Network thanks to the increased brand awareness and connections with consumers on social media channels. The consumer journey almost always starts online, and that’s where your CPG marketing strategy should begin.

Scale Your Brand’s CPG Influencer Marketing

Let our team of experts handle everything for you →

✓   Identify, vet and collaborate with Instagram micro-influencers
✓   Brainstorm and deploy authentic product placements
✓   Leverage our relationships with 25,000+ micro-influencers

Collaborate With Opinion Leaders of Your Industries

You are selling premium products. Get them in the hands of people who  know what they’re talking about. InBeat Agency helps you get your CPG in  the hands of the top 1% micro-influencers in your niche. They are the  ones who will share a relevant message to your audience and create  sustainable customer relationships.

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