How Genomelink built a comprehensive creative strategy testing various hooks, call to actions, spark ads, voiceovers and actors.

The Challenge

Rising CPAs due to creative fatigue and old image/carousel ads.

Tighter CAC goals from client’s leadership due to tough economic conditions.

Quickly dying creatives (creative fatigue) on content hungry platforms like TikTok.

The Solution

A comprehensive creative strategy to increase the creative throughput in order to keep refreshing dying creatives and avoid creative fatigue.

The Process

Developed an ongoing creative production system where we have at least 5-10 performance based UGC videos always in pipeline. More video variations = More chances of going viral = More success.

The Result

Average customer acquisition cost decreased 3X within the span of just 3 months.

Ongoing creative production and testing system helped us scale to 6 figures monthly budget.

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