Top 7 JoinBrands Alternatives to Explore in 2024

Tamara Jovanovic
May 21, 2024
February 27, 2024

Let’s face it – in 2024, creating engaging content is vital for brand success.

But, finding the right platform to collaborate with content creators is more challenging than ever.

You’re likely familiar with JoinBrands, a popular choice for many. However, it might not always meet every brand’s unique needs.

Perhaps you’re seeking features that JoinBrands doesn’t offer. Or, maybe you’re looking for a platform with a different creator base. This could lead to a search for JoinBrands alternatives.

Fear not; you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve compiled a list of the top JoinBrands alternatives, each with its unique strengths.

Continue reading to discover the perfect platform for your brand’s content creation needs.

JoinBrands – The Overview


JoinBrands is an influencer platform that bridges the gap between brands and content creators. It excels in facilitating the creation of user-generated content, from videos to photos, to boost your brand’s engagement rates on social media platforms.

What’s good about JoinBrands?

  • Broad range of content types: TikTok videos, product reviews, lifestyle photos, etc.
  • Diverse creator base, covering various industries.
  • Features like creator filters and secure payments for straightforward influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Centralized content management system.
  • Full licensing of content to the brand.

What’s not so good about JoinBrands?

  • Some brands may find the platform’s features or creator base not perfectly aligned with their specific needs.
  • Limited customization options for certain types of influencer marketing campaigns.

Our verdict

While JoinBrands offers robust features and a wide range of content creators, some users seek alternatives for more tailored solutions, diverse functionalities, or different collaboration dynamics. Hence, the quest for JoinBrands alternatives is motivated by the desire to find platforms that align more closely with specific brand requirements and target audiences or offer different creative avenues.

JoinBrands Alternative #1 – Showcase


Showcase is a UGC marketplace designed to streamline the user-generated content creation process.

It emphasizes collaboration with top-performing creators to generate high-quality UGC ads.

The platform is built around a simple yet scalable approach, making it easy for brands to find and work with a diverse network of creators.

With a focus on data-driven insights, Showcase aims to connect brands with creators who consistently deliver low cost-per-acquisition rates and high customer engagement.

Key features:

  • Collaboration with top-performing creators. Access to a network of creators skilled in producing UGC ads for different social networks.
  • Simple, scalable content creation. An easy-to-use platform for managing user-generated content creation processes.
  • Diverse creator network. A wide range of user-generated content creators catering to various needs, audience demographics and industries.
  • Data-driven creator matching. Utilizes performance tracking to match brands with creators who deliver low CPAs across social channels.
  • High-quality UGC ad. Emphasis on producing premium user-generated content for advertising.

Who is Showcase for?

  • Small to mid-size businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Freelance businesses

Pricing plans:

  • UGC creators set their own rates, offering a range of pricing options.

How Showcase outperforms JoinBrands:

Showcase focuses more on creating high-quality UGC ads with a data-driven approach to creator selection, potentially offering more targeted and effective advertising solutions.

JoinBrands Alternative #2 – GRIN


GRIN is a comprehensive creator management platform designed for influencer relationship management and marketing.

It focuses on authentic relationships between brands and content creators to elevate influencer marketing efforts across social media channels.

GRIN’s approach integrates seamlessly with existing marketing stacks, emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness in managing creator collaborations.

Key features:

  • Robust relationship management. Tools for nurturing genuine relationships with influencers throughout the marketing campaign.
  • Efficient discovery and recruitment. Advanced tools for finding and recruiting the right brand ambassadors to improve your social media presence.
  • Detailed reporting & analytics. Comprehensive tracking of key performance indicators and ROI of social media content with custom report generation.
  • Streamlined content management. Tools for tracking and repurposing content across social media platforms.
  • Simplified product seeding and creator payments. GRIN manages logistics and payments, making the process seamless for marketing teams.

Who is GRIN for?

  • Marketing teams
  • Small to large enterprises
  • Businesses focusing on influencer marketing

Pricing plans:

  • You would need to contact GRIN directly or visit their website for specific pricing details.

How GRIN outperforms JoinBrands:

GRIN offers more in-depth influencer relationship management and analytics tools, providing a more comprehensive suite for managing social media influencer relationships and tracking campaign success.

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JoinBrands Alternative #3 – SocialLadder


SocialLadder is an all-encompassing brand ambassador management solution, ideal for building and scaling partnerships with creators across various industries.

It offers a holistic approach to influencer relationship management, from recruitment and onboarding to task assignments and payment processing.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive creator management: Streamlines every aspect of working with brand ambassadors and influencers.
  • Discovery module: Assists in finding the right creators using advanced filters and CRM integration.
  • Automated task and reward management: Simplifies task assignments and automates reward systems for creators.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting: Offers detailed insights into the performance and impact of creators.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrates with existing marketing stacks for cohesive campaign management.

Who is SocialLadder for?

  • Direct-to-consumer & eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Start-ups
  • Consumer apps
  • Various other industries

Pricing plans:

  • SocialLadder’s pricing includes a setup fee, monthly subscription, and potential seat fees. For detailed pricing, contacting SocialLadder directly is recommended.

Advantages over JoinBrands:

SocialLadder offers a more holistic approach to managing brand ambassadors and influencers, with robust influencer analytics and seamless integration capabilities.

JoinBrands alternative #4 – Impact


Impact is a partnership management platform offering a comprehensive solution for handling the entire partnership lifecycle across various types.

It’s designed for influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile partnerships, and more, providing a full-stack solution for brands and partners.

Key features:

  • Diverse partnership types. Supports a range of partnerships, including influencer profiles, affiliates, and B2B SaaS.
  • Automation. Automates the partnership lifecycle for efficiency.
  • Global partner discovery. Tools for finding and recruiting global partners.
  • In-depth analytics. Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Customizable contract and payment solutions. Flexibility in managing partnerships.

Who is Impact for?

  • Brands across various industries
  • Influencers and content creators
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Agencies and technology partners

Pricing plans:

  • For detailed pricing, you would need to contact Impact directly or request a demo through their website.

Advantages over JoinBrands:

Impact offers a broader range of partnership types and a comprehensive suite of tools for managing these relationships, making it suitable for a wider array of collaboration opportunities.

JoinBrands Alternative #5 – Bazaarvoice


Bazaarvoice is a leading user-generated content platform focusing on authentic shopper experiences.

It caters to brands and retailers, aiming to enhance the entire customer journey through authentic reviews, social content, and influencer marketing.

Bazaarvoice emphasizes the importance of genuine customer feedback, helping brands establish trust and drive sales.

Key features:

  • Ratings and reviews. Leveraging customer opinions, photos, and videos.
  • Social commerce. Turning social content into shoppable experiences.
  • Product sampling. Launching products with user-generated reviews from day one.
  • Retail syndication. Distributing UGC across various retail platforms.
  • Insights and reports. Providing actionable insights from customer feedback.

Who is Bazaarvoice for?

  • Brands and retailers of all sizes
  • Marketing teams focusing on UGC and shopper experiences

Advantages compared to JoinBrands:

Bazaarvoice stands out with its comprehensive focus on the entire shopper journey, from discovery to post-purchase, and its ability to syndicate content across a vast retail network.

JoinBrands Alternative #6 – Later


Later’s Influencer Marketing Platform, a component of Later’s social media suite, is designed to streamline influencer marketing programs for brands.

This tool simplifies discovering, collaborating, and tracking influencer campaigns.

It’s ideal for businesses that need an integrated approach to influencer marketing strategy, offering both management and analytical capabilities.

Key features:

  • Influencer discovery. Helps brands find suitable influencers for their campaigns.
  • Campaign management. Streamlines the process of managing influencer collaborations.
  • Performance tracking. Offers tools to monitor and analyze campaign results.
  • Payment system. Simplifies the payment process to influencers.
  • Integration with social media tools. Seamlessly works with Later’s other social media management tools.

Who is Later for?

  • Small to mid-size businesses
  • Marketing teams focused on social media

Pricing plans:

  • For specific pricing details, interested parties should contact Later directly or visit their website for more information.

Advantages over JoinBrands:

Later’s platform integrates influencer marketing with broader social media management tools, offering a more holistic approach to digital marketing strategies.

JoinBrands Alternative #7 – Brandbassador


Brandbassador is a marketing platform designed for creating and managing brand ambassador programs.

It focuses on transforming customers, followers, and fans into brand advocates.

The platform offers tools for discovering and engaging ambassadors, creating marketing tasks, and monitoring the resulting social buzz and sales.

Key features:

  • Ambassador discovery and management. Facilitates finding and managing brand ambassadors.
  • Task creation and gamification. Allows for setting up marketing tasks with rewards.
  • Sales and performance tracking. Tracks sales and performance of ambassadors.
  • Integrated reward system. Offers various rewards for completed tasks.
  • Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms. Ensures easy tracking and management of ambassador activities.

Who is Brandbassador for?

  • eCommerce brands
  • Marketing teams focused on community building

Pricing plans:

  • For specific pricing details, it’s recommended to contact Brandbassador directly or visit their website.

Advantages over JoinBrands:

Brandbassador focuses more on building and managing brand ambassador programs, offering extensive tools for gamification and rewards, which might be more suited for brands looking to develop a long-term community of advocates.


This article provided an overview of seven alternatives to JoinBrands, each offering unique features for content creation and influencer marketing.

These platforms cater to a range of needs, from managing influencer relationships to leveraging user-generated content effectively.

Each alternative excels in different areas, providing solutions to enhance your content marketing strategies beyond what JoinBrands offers.

While they all have their strengths, Showcase stands out for its focus on high-quality UGC ads and data-driven creator matching, making it an excellent choice for brands seeking targeted advertising solutions.

Remember, every brand has distinct needs, and each platform brings something unique to the table.

Evaluate your specific requirements, and you’re sure to find a tool that aligns perfectly with your marketing goals. Stay optimistic and happy exploring!

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