Work with the top 2% of social media creators.

UGC Agency:
Performance-Driven Content Creation at Scale

Work with top creators that have a track record for low CPAs to create winning creatives for your next social media campaign. 

Performance-Driven Content Creation at Scale

200+ online brands trust inBeat Agency

New Balance: Athletic Footwear and Fitness Apparel
Prose: Custom Clean Beauty Products
TeamViewer – The Remote Connectivity Software
Got Milk? is an American advertising campaign on television and YouTube encouraging the consumption of milk and dairy products.
Squatty Potty - The  Way to  – SquattyPotty
Soylent Let us take a few things off your plate.
Nordstrom Online In Store: Shoes, Jewelry, Clothing, Makeup, Dresses
7-Eleven | Your Convenience Store for Food, Drinks, Fuel  Fun
Pay & Get Paid
Mogo Financial technology company
Nissan India | SUV, Sports, Commercial, and 4X4 Vehicles
WILDFANG | For your masc, femme, and everything-in-between
Miniso: its products are heavily influenced by Japanese design.
Adventure Ready Brands - Inspire Outdoor Adventure
Stream Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Nat Geo | Disney+
A community of creators who understand social media and trends, ready to create top-notch content for your brand’s website, social media or advertising.

How it works

Creative brief

Creative brief

What message do you want your assets to convey?

Content Selection

Content selection

Facebook ads, Branded content, Tiktok ads, Website, Amazon product page

Creators selection

Creators selection

We handpick and vet the top 1% of content creators in your niche

Creators selection 2

Creators influencers

Your products are shipped to the influencers and branded content is created

Your own team of world-class social media creators

Work with the 1% of Creators

Your own team of world-class social media creators

We help you decentralize your creation efforts without having to discover, recruit, and onboard the right creators. Our creators have a pulse on social media and understand engagement. Leverage the best user-generated content creators.

Create on-brand content that converts

Native User-Generated Content

Create content that is native to each social media platform and representative of your social media strategy.

Native User-Generated Content

All of your content needs under one roof

Unboxing Videos
Products Demos
Lifestyle Short

Re-channeled User-generated Social Media Content

Empower your marketing teams

We provide a seamless stream of high-quality visual assets to help you build an authentic online presence.



Generate authentic content that aligns with your brand across all social media channels.



Scale your ad spend across different social channels through an ongoing stream of User-Generated Content that converts.



Engage with your different audience segments by delivering relatable content with a narrative that resonates.



Create a user-centric e-commerce experience with content created for the user at the center stage.

Empower Your Marketing Teams
B Tan
New Balance

Talk with our UGC Agency Experts


How do you come up with content ideas?

We research your competitors as well as other players in parallel industries to identify their top-performing ads. We use that information to build a creative brief that reflects what’s working.

How can you help with my social media strategy?

Social strategies come in many different flavors. We can help you craft a strategy that will align with your long-term goals. We can help you set a purpose (brand building, educating, differentiating) and develop an action plan to make this strategy a reality.

What is UGC?

User-Generated Content is a collaboration process between a brand and TikTok, Instagram or YouTube creators where the brand outsources the creation of visual assets to them. The end result is the ability to create content at scale with variety, creativity and that speaks to any given niche.

Do I have the content right to re-use the assets created through UGC?

Every asset created through our UGC process belongs to you. This means you can repurpose any user-generated content created with inBeat for your website, social media, paid advertising etc.


Do I get to select my UGC creators?

Of course. We understand that your social media marketing solution is unique and that the creator that will participate in the process must be vetted by your team. Before moving forward with a project, we will match you with what we think are the best creators. If for any reason you don’t like any of them, let us know and we will find a new creator. We guarantee satisfaction of the UGC content we create.

How should I choose the best social media agency?

Make sure they understand your goals. If you’re looking for conversions, find an agency that aligns with that goal. You should always consider your needs, your budget, and the agency’s sense of aesthetics and design. Good content has a subtle element to it.

How can I get UGC from influencers for my brand?

You can outreach any influencer that fits your brand to work on a UGC collaboration. A UGC Agency like inBeat will help you scale your entire UGC process so you can get UGC at scale with hundreds of collaborations and new assets for your brand.