By David Morneau | 5 min Read

PhoneLoops Case Study

A systematic way to collaborate with influencers.


The Product

Phone Loops shines as a lifestyle brand. Due to the graphic nature of the product, Customers use their product to make a statement about themselves.

This client wanted to figure out a way of benefiting from Instagram’s army of relatable creators.


  • Content creation is expensive AF
  • Studio content gets crushed by UGC in terms of Cost-per-actions
  • Maintaining an engaging social media feed is difficult
  • Cost-per-engagement is too damn high with macro-influencers


1. Generate original content across the travel niche

2. Repurpose the visuals across our different marketing channels

3. Create a rich and relatable social media content calendar


“We need a systematic way to collaborate with 100s of micro-influencers”.

Setting the direction : Our in-house creative crew paints the campaign direction with Phone Loop’s marketing team:

“Goodbye cracked screens” “Your phone’s Seatbelt” “Don’t drop it like it’s hot”

Kicking things off : We deploy our influencer-as-a-service solution to Phone Loops. The flow is simple: find, contact, onboard, brief, and track. 

 We filter our database of 1 million+ vetted influencers and tag those relevant to our campaign.

 Contact, brief, and onboard : To keep things fluid, we track payment, relations and content status through our CRM architecture.We brief the creators on the scope, while onboarding the ones who agree to collaborate.

Track and pay: We compensate our creators and track their posts:

  • How did their content perform?
  • What is the average cost-per-engagement for each post?
  • Who are our top performers?


We repurposed our influencers’ content across our different media channels.