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We fuel your TikTok ads through the power of micro-influencer generated content.

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inBeat Agency has access to a vast student micro-influencer network and a robust highschool advertising network. Make your brand a key part of students’ daily lives.

Creative research

Study competitors and parallel industries to gain insights on top-performing ad concepts.


Understand different buyer personas to derive insights and create relevant TikTok ads.


Test and optimize our campaigns based on our CPIs or CPAs.


Increase ad spend on winning campaigns and enter new markets through new insights into our customer

TikTok is Different

Leverage TikTok’s unique identity through influencer-generated content creation. Media buying powered by homegrown, user-centric content outperforms professional content.

Your Creative Edge

Leverage our network of micro-influencers to scale your ads creation process. Test variations fast and efficiently.

Data you can Trust

Benefit from our quantitative data and our network of micro-influencers to eliminate costly mistakes.



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multilingual content distribution across 6 different countries


Leverage micro-influencers from all over the world to create ads tailored to each country

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