iGaming Marketing Agency

The iGaming market is prolific, though fairly niche and somewhat discriminated against. Getting onto this market successfully requires precise & persuasive messages. Influencer marketing can deliver those ROI-boosting messages, and inBeat can implement the best influencer campaigns for your business goals.

Why work with iGaming influencers

iGaming influencers have a lot of sway over your target audience as well as the broader gaming community. Here’s how they can help your influencer marketing campaign:

iGaming influencers are credible

Simply imagine iGaming influencers like YouTuber and streamer BotezLive are live-streaming up to 8-10 hours per day on different gaming platforms. That’s a lot of time spent interacting with your target audience.

Micro-influencers with high engagement rates form direct relationships with their loyal audience. That’s how these social media influencers gain the trust of your gaming audience.

iGaming influencers can leverage this trust to review your iGame on multiple social media platforms.

iGaming influencers discuss your solutions at length

Let’s face it; iGaming products still have some stigma. Your influencer marketing efforts can dispel that stigma because gaming creators discuss your products at length with a captive audience.

Even more than captive, that’s an engaged audience who will learn more about your solutions from their favorite content creators.

Gaming influencers know your audience

The power of influencer marketing lies in the deep connection between content creators and their followers. Micro – influencers arguably have more insights and conversations with their audience than creators with millions of followers.

But the key is tapping into those insights about the online gaming industry and your potential customers within your marketing campaign. inBeat can connect you with relatable, engaged influencers in the gaming market that power up your social media marketing strategy.

Implement a Results-Driven Gaming Campaign

inBeat can organize and implement results-driven, ROI-generating influencer campaigns from start to finish for your casino. Our influencer project managers supervise the entire campaign and keep you in the loop.

1. Research

Research entails competitor analysis, audience profiling, and company auditing. We take this data very seriously, tapping into it to build influencer marketing strategies that move the needle.

2. Influencer Sourcing and Outreach

The inBeat influencer marketing platform has vetted gaming influencers across different social platforms. We connect brands with influencers to organize successful campaigns.
Alternatively, you can find their social accounts using our gaming influencer marketing platform free of charge.

3. Content Curation

inBeat supervises the content creation process, editing the influencer-generated content for different social platforms. We ensure that your video game reviews and posts are made on time and with no errors.

4. Paid Ads & Optimization

We scale your iGaming influencer efforts through paid ads that allow you to access wider audiences. Influencer-generated content optimizes your ads, decreasing ad fatigue and CPIs. These ads are more convincing than branded content, increasing your downloads and active users more than other ads.

Boost Campaigns for App Store Optimization

App store optimization is key to getting more organic traffic to your iGaming app. Video game influencers can help you in several ways.

Increased Exposure

Influencer marketing initiatives increase your visibility and notoriety. As more people search for your iGaming app on the app store, its ranking increases. This makes your iGame even more visible online, further increasing organic searches and traffic.

Optimized User Acquisition

Leveraging communities of content creators to promote your app optimizes user acquisition. These games industry veterans can convince their loyal community to download your app faster and cheaper than other branded ads.

More Active Users

Gaming influencers explain your iGaming app to their community of followers. As more prospects understand what your app is about, the app utilization rates increase. Meanwhile, the unsubscribe rates plummet.

Thorough Reports

Our reports are almost as good as our creator strategies. Our gaming marketing agency relies on these reports to optimize your current campaign. But you can also tap into this data to hone your future campaigns.

What Makes inBeat Different

Lightning Fast

Our advertising agency decreases the time spent on content creation by 80%. Use this extra time to hone your influencer activation.

Optimized Marketing Budget

inBeat decreases costs by 65% across customers. These savings can help you grow your customer acquisition and social performance with other beneficial partnerships.

Better Performance

Our gaming marketing agency improves cross-channel performance by 28%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay gaming influencers?

The rule of thumb is $100 for every 100 followers. However, avid gamers who produce in-depth favorable reviews to an invitation-only community may be more expensive. Campaigns at scale that generate massive brand exposure and sales can also cost more.

What are iGaming influencers?

iGaming influencers are content creators who produce gaming videos on multiple social channels. They live stream their performances and also connect with their followers on social media. iGaming influencers recommend other influencers and products in the gaming niche, such as apps, keyboards, gaming chairs, and more.

Where do you find iGaming influencers?

inBeat has a massive database of influencers that you can use for free to find ambassadors at scale or micro-influencers. Our agency can also deal with influencer discovery and negotiations. Alternatively, you can search on Google, YouTube, Twitch, and Discord, using specific hashtags related to your industry. Remember that you need a good balance between content creators to ensure a successful campaign.

Who are some famous iGaming influencers?

There are millions of content creators in the gaming industry, but only a few count as influencers. One of the best are Forsen and Bryce Hall. Female gaming influencers are also catching speed, with Alexandra Botez and Valkyrae breaking the glass ceiling.

Why does using iGaming influencers increase your ROI?

iGaming influencers help you leverage the mainstream culture’s trends and persuade your audience with targeted messages. These niche influencers can discuss your product at length and even offer specific discounts, enticing more people to buy. This helps you build effective campaigns that boost your sales and number of active users, minimizing bounce rates.